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Surveillance of the Waiting Eyes pt.6

Updated on March 22, 2013

Our “guests” had lots of wad in their vault. I almost startled. For them, those fine cuisines seemed to be ordinary, not to mention the price that was very costly. Oni moved out to the kitchen and gave the order slip. After spending seconds of talking to me on the radio, she served the complements of the house, and then completes the necessary table equipments.

Oni brought the appetizer, and then a busboy would arrive and start crumbling, same with the soup, salad and unto the serving of dessert. Same scenes were seen in their exquisite dining. Conversations began and another would utter about the subject, resulting for further utterances. Once a while, I could see Boss Billy fell silent and gained a steady. He would break it through sniffing the aroma and a sip in his stemmed glass. Then he would laugh with the other two and then another long silence.

The Bratinella Dolls was performing up at the stage. They almost had six or seven songs when our “guests” finished their dinner. I could hear them talk about different agenda. It stunned me to see how Boss Billy talked so…, well, like a true illegal mediator. He just looks real. It’s crazy!


Deception…adaptation and then tolerance.

Their after dinner drinks were the only ones undone. Stein lighted up his cigarette. Dana stirred some sugar in her cup. For someone who’s innocent about the plot, it’s easy to consider it as an ordinary dinner. Indeed it was. Stein even lent his catalogue to his new suspected buyer. Silly, he didn’t know that it would be added to the footage I took in secret to be used as evidence against him.

Afterwards, boss stood. He made alibis to his colleagues just to talk to us a little. He told us on how we would execute the plan, although his instructions were vivid, Boss Billy left me obscure. He spoke to me like nothing was wrong between us, at ease.

He returned to the table. Stein cued and Oni went presenting the guest check. The whole package was 47,482.00 peso. “Hah, you can earn easily in the black market! Many are striving hard to earn money in a “holy way”, there they sacrifice their blood and sweat…and what happens to them next? They couldn’t lift themselves out from status one, out from poverty. Why don’t they do what we do? I mean, you know what I’m saying right? Money is easy!” With poise, he took the wad out his wallet and placed it in the billing tray. He didn’t retrieve his change either.

“Mr. Wong, if you need firearms, I can help you with that! Just don’t forget this!” He raised his right hand with his thumb and pointer meeting at their tips. “We’ll always be out of trouble.”



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