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Surveillance of the Waiting Eyes pt.8

Updated on March 22, 2013

I turned towards the door. “I don’t want to talk to her. Not now.” I decided. But she sensed me. “Louie? Don’t you hide your face to me… you geek!” She was still angry at me. Why couldn’t she understand that it was just a misinterpretation nonetheless? My patience was long, but to bark at me like that, I unconsciously lost my control and when I regained it, I had already stuck myself into a hole I couldn’t escape.

“Oh, so calling me geek, Ms. Pretty face…the big question is, what are you doing here? We have just finished a mission…”

“Ah, and so you have just accomplished your mission…well I’m so very proud of you, and look at this pigsty…oh really, your mother will be very proud! Five star!”

“Well at least, I was able to accomplish my task…and how bout you? Sneaking in here during your time of duty, you are supposed to be in the HQ, right?

“And now you think that you are my boss? After what you did? Oh come on, your boss sent me here. My dad sent me here. He told me I was going to meet my…”

Alas! Boss Billy came back. At least he could do something. He paused and cleared his throat, “May, there will be no wedding… there will be no groom-to-be...” , his words filled our lungs with surprise, “…I lied.”

“Why?” she asked.

“Because I am a law officer… I have a responsibility in my country.”, he spoke softly but the words were cold, strict and apathetic. “I did another plan, in case of anything happens, because you know, that perpetrator is really a big fish, I’d have a back up plan, if the first failed.”

May was speechless. How could a father do that to his very own daughter? Selfishly intervening with his daughter’s feelings? When her tears were about to roll down to her cheek, his voice changed. It grew warmly and lovingly. “But you know, I’m also a father and actually, when you told me about you and Louie, there was a hazy mix of feelings within me…I’m worried and at the same time relieved…I fear that the day that you are leaving us and also glad that you’ll have someone to share your life with…but I know that it would not get me anywhere so,…oh, never mind. Don’t cry now, ok?” It was the first time I saw boss Billy so guilty. I was used in seeing him bossy and arrogant. But at that moment, he had those deep sighs. He was different.


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