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Survival......Or A Long Scream Of Wisdom As You Fall.

Updated on February 5, 2010


Survival?? or a long scream of wisdom as you fall!


In all of nature
there are the fittest
and the weakest struggling
in an endless fight
to be on the top.

Some are devoured
in the process,

some pick up the

pieces they are left

and limp on
others simply devour,
At the end of

each days race, 
a  lucky few  have

reached the pinnacle
on the broken backs
of those who failed.

Then of course
the night races begin,
where even the chance for
passion with another
can be wound up

with you on top,
or her on top,
or you walking

home alone,
or her sitting in a
small one

bedroom walkup,
with no arms to

run joyously into.

The world is a
stream of conciousness,
and we all

flow within it
trying to make others
aware that we exist,
This explains poetry,
a primordal scream,
a verbal scratch
on the cave walls 
of the cranium of society.
We are not

content to fail
to reach the top,
we go kicking

and screaming
all the way

to the bottom,
so that all can hear

and benefit from
our thoughts

along the way.




 17th floor and fading fast....................







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    • Artamia profile image

      Artamia 8 years ago from GTA, Canada


      Nice Time-express + Travel-Down 'fall-scape'.... that I will call/name/title not 7-UP... but 7-down... or floorly 'correctly' 17-Down...

      And pls call from the 4th dimension... call please... call me Raya. (o;)