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Susan Lewis profile of a writer

Updated on March 7, 2015

Susan Lewis a British author was born in 1956 Bristol, England her father was a Miner and Engineer. At school, Lewis showed a creative flair from an early age for playing the piano, when Lewis was nine her mother sadly died of cancer at thirty-three. Lewis’s father decided to send her boarding school, Lewis felt out if the place at boarding compared to the other children who came from wealthy families. After getting herself expelled from boarding school, she was once again living with her father and brother in a council in Bristol.

Putting the difficulty and hardships of her teenage years behind her Lewis embarked on a career in television. At eighteen, she landed a job with HTV a television channel in Bristol, then after four years she moved to London to work for Thames television. She started as secretary then as a production assistant and then progressed into entertainment and drama. Her perseverance didn’t stop there when she knocked on the Controller’s door to ask what it would take to progress in the company. The only response was ‘go away and write something’. Deciding to act on these words from her Controller at Thames Lewis started writing children’s stories. One of her friends came across a children’s story that Lewis had written and on her friend’s suggestion she approached a literary agent. Unfortunately though the story was never published. However, Lewis’s style of writing was noticed by the agent, putting aside her disappointment she instead acted on the encouragement she had received. Lewis started working on her next novel A Class Apart, which she finished writing in 1990. A year later her second novel was published Dance While You Can, with growing number of readers and success from writing novels Lewis decided to take the next step and become and full-time writer. Stolen beginnings being her third successful book to be published, Lewis was now reaping the rewards with enough money to move to France. Emigrating to the South of France with her new life she continued to write further novels enjoying the quiet and picturesque countryside. The language barrier of not speaking French meant it was difficult for her, it dawned on Lewis that moving to the south of France had not been a good idea after all. It wasn’t long however until Lewis decided to eventually move out of the quiet south of France to the busy and the hectic city of Los Angeles. With Celebrity neighbours like Nicholas Cage and George Clooney, the Glamour living was at a high point for Lewis. Six year of the living in Los Angeles was enough for Lewis to feel that she was losing her identity with Great Britain. In 2003, she returned back to Great Britain and settled in Bristol.


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