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Suspense or Romance

Updated on March 27, 2012
They say there's no place like home -- I'm not quite so sure after reading this book!!
They say there's no place like home -- I'm not quite so sure after reading this book!! | Source

When I was in Junior High School I was into reading the Harlequin Romance Novels. They even had romantic comic books at that time. Every young girl dreams of meeting her prince charming and is a sucker for a happy ending.

That was then and this is now. In High School my brother Ricky introduced me to the genre of suspense, murder, mystery and the macabre. The first suspense novel I read was Mary Higgins Clark, Where Are The Children. I enjoyed her way of writing because it spiked my interest, grabbed my imagination and wouldn't let go. She has a way of leaving you wanting more, needing to know what happens. Her chapters, go from one part of the story then to another, intertwining the characters, leaving you wanting more. I read on, getting lost in the story, feel the pain and suffering of the main character and trying to help her find out the truth. I even catch myself talking to the characters, as though they can actually hear me. That is how engrossed I become, feeling like I know these people personally. I reveled in her excitement when she realized her children were still alive. Knowing that her husband the time was full of such hatred that he could keep the children from her, make her believe they had drowned. Being the first book of her's that I read it will always be my favorite. I have gone onto read almost every book she has published since then. Mary Higgins Clark for me, is the Queen of Suspense!

What about Stephen King, The King of Suspense and the Macabre! His first novel for me was Carrie and as with Where Are The Children, this is one of my favorites because it was my first. Carrie introduced me to the inner workings, the bizarre, insane mind of Stephen King. His novels, stories and insanity entertain and excite me. There are so many of his books that I've read and movies I've watched over the years where my imagination has run rampart, losing myself in the pages of his books, feeling like I've jumped in become part of his story.

My newest murder mystery adventure comes from James Patterson Women's Murder Mystery Club. I am currently reading 9th Judgement and as always his characters come alive in the books. I feel like I know Lindsay, Clair, Cindy and Yuki. I want to help them solve the crimes, bring the criminals to justice. Catch myself telling Yuki what questions she should be asking when witnesses are on the stand. Relating to her sense of defeat when she loses a case, being frustrated right along with Lindsay when another mother and baby are senselessly slaughtered. Crossing my fingers they get the break in the case they so desperately need to end the carnage and put the inhumane killer in prison and throwing away the key. Let's not forget one of the original members of their clue who life was cut short by a senseless act of violence in 3rd Degree. First they are there to offer support to Jill when she miscarries her baby, then they need to be there for each other when they lose Jill. I cried right along with them, relating to their sense of loss.

There are quite a few authors who's books I enjoy though, those are my top three choices. I am proud that I've shared the gift of reading with my daughters. My oldest daughter has read some of the same books I did as a young teen. She cried along with all his friends as Johnny Boy died in The Outsiders, shared the traumatic drama surrounding the prom in Carrie and her genre a that time were the period books, Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Brontë was her favorite. My middle daughter had no favorites and pretty much reads anything from romance, to mystery to comedy. My youngest isn't as hip on reading as we are though has read a few books for school projects. Her favorite so far is The Diary of Anne Frank. I don't know if she will continue to read once she graduates though, I hope so.

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