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Suvudu Cage Match 2012!

Updated on April 12, 2012

The Contenders

Anomander Rake
Anomander Rake | Source
Harry Potter, with Suvudu Cagematch veteran Hermione Granger as backup.
Harry Potter, with Suvudu Cagematch veteran Hermione Granger as backup. | Source
Moiraine Damodred, Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajar
Moiraine Damodred, Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajar | Source
Rivan the Sith Lord/Jedi Master
Rivan the Sith Lord/Jedi Master | Source

When it comes to March Madness, most fantasy and sci-fi readers might not be interested in the NCAA brackets, but there is another bracket they probably can get behind - the 2012 Suvudu Cage Match!

**Final Update**

Championship Round!

Round Three has been completed, and there were some very surprising results! Mr. Wednesday took out Revan! Zaphod beat a dragon?!? Napoleon on a Dragon didn't get an automatic bye to the final four just for being such an awesome visual!

Round Two Results

Keep this hub bookmarked for more updates!

Imagine all your favorite characters from fictional literature, duking it out for supremacy in a 64-person tourney. Now, picture that a brief biography is provided for each character, so even if you haven't read the books in question, you can still get a sense of how badass they might be.

The variety of characters is breathtaking. Last tourney saw Katniss Everdeen, fresh from the Hunger Games, take on the mouse Martin, Hero of Redwall. The tourney before that, precocious Hermione Granger faced off against the one-handed Jamie Lannister. Of course, perusing the brackets is a wonderful way to learn about characters from less well-known series.

Last, but definitely not least, each battle is written up as imagined by the Suvudu organizers... or in some cases, written up by the authors of the characters themselves. Past author participants have included George R. R. Martin, and Brandon Sanderson! This year, the likes of Lev Grossman and Paula Brandon are set to participate (supporting their characters, naturally).

Each round, after reading the write-ups, the general public has a chance to vote for their pick to win the duel. Now, every year there is a raging debate about whether people should pick who would logically win the battle, or just vote for their favorite character. Sometimes these two motivations line up, like the year Rand al'Thor - a great swordsman with godlike magical powers - from the popular Wheel of Time series won. But for the most part, the fanboys win out, as evident from the improbable success of other Wheel of Time and A Song of Ice and Fire characters.

Whatever the criteria, reading the forum war of words discussing each matchup is half the fun of the Suvudu Cage Match.

This year's tourney has already begun, with first round matches already decided. Is your favorite still in the running?

The Favorites

Harry Potter, seeded first, and with the homefield advantage of playing on Hogwarts Quiddich Pitch, has to be heavily favored. What might be crucial for his chances of winning (i.e. surviving) will be if the competition pushes Harry to resort to using the Unforgivable Curses.

Talking about heavyweights, you've got to mention Anomander Rake, from the popular Malazan series. Rake is 300,000 years old, an expert swordsman, can transform into a giant dragon, and is capable of wielding some of the nastiest magic ever described in fiction. In round one he faced off against Mellorin Rebaine, where even Rebaine's creator admitted that his scrappy little fighter wouldn't stand a chance. The same capituation came from his round two opponent.

The only fighter in the bracket who might have a realistic chance of stopping him is Richard Rahl, the hero of the Sword of Truth series. As readers of the book know, Richard boasts a pretty powerful weapon in the Sword of Truth, and as a war mage, has the handy ability to whip out whatever magic he needs to prevail. Richard and his author/creator Terry Goodkind are very polarizing figures for fantasy fans. In fact, The Seeker is currently struggling in his round two match-up!

The Danger Room division is arguablly the most loaded, with number one being arguably the strongest Jedi Master of all time, and number two being the incomparable Granny Weatherwax from Discworld. And let us not forget Napoleon... on a dragon!

Ones to Watch

In the Starfleet Holodeck is perhaps one of the most popular characters, from the immensely popular Song of Fire and Ice series, Tyrion Lannister! His brains are as sharp as his brother's sword, and Jamie shocked us in 2010 by coming in second in spite of having no magical ability, and missing his sword hand. This year, The Imp has already managed to take out Morrolan the Dragonlord with a little bit of trickery. He'll have to outwit some powerhouses including top-seated Moiraine the Aes Sedai and Kelsier the Allomancer (don't leave any gold in your pockets!) to win his division, but you should never turn your back on even the littlest of lions.

Erevis Cale, the sixth seed in the Quiddich Pitch division, is well positioned to go far in the tourney. His ability to control shadows, and teleport instantly, will make his second round matchup against hatchet man Jean Tanner a cakewalk. Later in the tourney, Cale's special ability to reflect magic back at his opponents could let him upset some of the more magically powerful contenders.

Of course, one of the biggest possible upsets in the tourney has already happened, as 16th-seed Zaphod Beeblebrox somehow managed a huge upset, defeating top-ranked Sparhawk.


The are in, and it is sadly the end of the line for our dear Tyrion. Zaphod Beeblebrox has survived another round, somehow. No doubt thanks to his access to the improbability drive.

Round three starts Monday, March 19, so remember to vote early, and vote often!

Cage Match intro

Who do you think has the best chance of winning this year's Cage Match?

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