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Swallow... Don't Follow

Updated on August 25, 2015

I'll just go now, empty hollow,

Echoing my thoughts, bearly maul you,

Swipe & slash with no impacts, non existence is true,

Blind eyes view, sea too blue, one to 2,

Time... Whew...

Hoo new Hoo,

2:33... Owl in the tree... Boo...

Forgot??? Probably not, it's written in chalk, so lets talk greenboard view's,

Learning 2's to choose a side, provides a question why... What's right & can I believe the news...

Bless you, left elbow atchoo,

Both sides in two lines, wipe your I's, gotchu,


Do you think you are... New...

Refreshed, reset... Unless you let one R.I.P. -p u,

Scare the outta U,

Ready... Freddy, Krueger... Lex luthor amused her, take me home, foo

I pity a foo who brings thee Mr T into poem, but I guess anything can bee done... Should we continue...

To sit at the window, staring off oblivion, letting symbols spew,

Vent whole lew, choo-choo, where's this loco motive going!!! We're screwed

Conductor mutters motherfuker... Another sucker passed by a stupid trucker, show me your boobs...

Ha ha, toot toot,

Fukin cute you little puke...

Actually my name is Luke...

And I use the force, Jedi red eye... Move,

Step... Move,

Won to,

Three, view's? ??

Control cruise,

Set the pews too true,

North, forked, throttles floored, smokes blew,

With a crew of few, 3 plants a seed, C, yes you do...

Aye bee seas, 7 see's geez, all hands on deck, crew...


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