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Swallowed Whole

Updated on September 17, 2016

Swallowed Hole

You look at my face, and to your brown eyes you see the same man

Little to do you know, things with me... really hit the fan

What you see is an empty shell of me, that’s been battered around like an empty can

I’m lost inside, I might possibly be even damned, I used to be colorful like a crayon

Now there’s so many days I feel when I can’t figure out a simple plan

My heart used to be filled to the top so big; it looked so grand!

But there’s a leak in it, which I can’t cover up, and I can not comprehend

I’m stuck inside my body, with my legs being pulled down by quicksand

Do you not see me suffering, why don’t you stick out your right hand

I know why, you’ve grown tired of just waiting for the old man

I see it all play in front of me from inside these prison walls

It’s upsetting from down here when I’m seeing us fall

Crazy to think that not long ago I asked you to be mine last fall

I can not do anything else honestly but bawl...even now

Oh I feel such sorrow, I know I talk as long as a mall

But I never get to say what I want, only curveballs

I want to break free from this hell, I’m battling a horrible bloody brawl

Being hit back and forth as if I’m a black eight ball

Pulled viscously like a rag doll

I love you and that’s not me trying to stall

Thats me wanting you to have me all!

So Baby, please root for me so we can victorious in the long haul

A Snake eating itself


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