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Swamp Witch...Part Two

Updated on July 26, 2011

A week later found Henri once again gone back to his oyster boat. His two weeks out and one week in were a hard schedule to live but she knew how much he loved his work and the season was running "hot" as he put it. Hidden away in a little part of the Honey Island Swamp, the chaos of the outside world did not seem to exist.
She did not have television or the internet or a car. Henri had delivered an ultimatum that he was going to buy a gas run generator and a small camper refrigerator for her because he did not find the earth cooled tea and fresh water at a tepid temperature much to his liking. He did enjoy his beer now and then and an ice chest, even a good one, did not keep things cold in the humid heat of the swamp.
"Mercy, I know you want to follow what you call the "old path" but honestly, honey, it is a tat bit much for me. The boat has air-conditioning, gas stoves, and coolers that are for the crew and not just to keep the oysters fresh when we are out in the Gulf." he said in his thick accent and then to emphasize his words, he blurted out. "Nous avons à entrer dans le ème siècle, mon amour, un jour!"
Mercy just shook her head in sadness because she knew there was no talking Henri out of something once he made up his mind. Did she not still have the propane cooking stove on the front porch that he insisted she use. She gave a heavy sigh as she wondered if the next thing he would bring into her pristine world of the old ways would be a cellphone!

(the story will continue. Thanks for reading.)


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    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 6 years ago from Shelton

      I am up and awesome-- oh and that pic-- out of this world GOOD

    • profile image

      Bren 6 years ago

      I missed seeing you post this, one day it was there and I decided to read and come back later to note and when I did, it was gawn!

      Thanks for re-posting it. I'm keen to know what happens next :)

    • profile image

      scarletisis 6 years ago

      :) :) :) :)