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Sweet Dreams Above

Updated on July 27, 2013

...sunset too soon...

Tears rain down... time has ripped dreams from the arms of parents...
Tears rain down... time has ripped dreams from the arms of parents...

Sweet Dreams Above

A love that builds upon each day

A love with smiles and childhood play

Building blocks and ABCs

Right from wrong, thank you and please

Birthday cakes and wide eyed smiles

Messy rooms and laundry piles

Spilled milk and broken plates

Fingerprints with little playmates

Growing taller than the yard stick

Shopping for clothes they now pick

Backpack, paper, pencil and pen

Off to school and back again

Scraped knees cured with a hug

Hearing “I love you” gives the heart a tug

Dandelion bouquets as a centerpiece

Caterpillar capture to butterfly release

Transformation before your eyes

Seeing how time truly flies

From reprimand and an encouraging word

Now growth is measured looking inward

Carefree youthful conversations

Whimsical loves are soon forgotten

Friendships forged with new meaning

Maturing teen into adulthood being

From high school dreams to graduation cap

Facing life with the World to unwrap

Stepping out with life embraced

Yet in one moment life erased

No more “I love you” or calls or hugs

No more stories just heartache tugs

Hopes and dreams remain undone

Laying to rest my sweet little one

Never knowing how deeply lives entwine

Until feeling one ripped away from mine

My arms once cradled the child I love

Now lovingly embraced in Heaven above

~Bobbi Jo Davis

January 19, 2013


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    • Bobbi Jo Davis profile image

      Bobbi Jo Davis 4 years ago from Vermont

      Thank you for your kind words...I have lost loved ones...Just not my children. I saw the way losing a child affected someone I knew...and I put myself in her shoes. I feel I captured the essence of the moment. I cried very hard as I wrote this...and I still cry when I read it...and I can not read it without choking up. My heart aches for every parent who has had to experience this.

    • Literature Fairy profile image

      Holly Jackson 4 years ago from England, UK.

      I am so sorry for your loss, your poem is beautiful and so moving but I'm sure it only grazes the surface of what you must be dealing with. My thoughts are with you. LF x