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Sweet Escape From Reality

Updated on January 20, 2017

We smile for selfies on the internet

But not at the stranger that we just met

We took a picture of foods from a restaurant

But never dial a call from a far away aunt

We spend couple of hours in video games

But never on a goal that we always aims

Everybody feast on your post as your anger flames

Keeps on pointing fingers and blames, blames, blames

We scroll on our timeline for recent buzz

But when parents ask about us we think they are fuzz

We do good or great to gather fame

Even to the point we put ourselves to shame

The world becomes more socially digital

It becomes a necessity to boosts our morale

Maybe it's time to give notice to simpler things

Enjoy reality and the happiness it brings

For moments with the people you cherish with

Is incomparable happiness than watching videos and sit

Enjoy and appreciate the nature God created for you

It's the cure for emptiness, digital world can't do


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