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Sweet Evil Book Review

Updated on June 30, 2012
Book Cover of Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins
Book Cover of Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins | Source

Sweet Evil Book Review

Sweet Evil is about a young girl named Anna with supernatural powers. Among other abilities, she can see the feelings of others. When people have a feeling, it is shown through a misty-looking color which is emitted from their bodies. Anna does not know why she is this way until she meets the handsome Kaiden who seems to know something more about her. Only, she can't see his feelings at all. She soon discovers that her abilities mean so much more than she ever thought; she is half demon and half angel. This discovery leads her on a journey to find out who she is as well as staying alive despite the threat of demons that could end her life if they found out what she really is.

This book is very intriguing and it has a plot that is unique and interesting. The characters in the book are teenagers but they are expected to do things that teenagers should not be doing. Although it fits in with the storyline, some of the scenes are inappropriate for teenagers. However, the plot is juvenile so many adults may not enjoy the book. The names of each demon are very difficult to follow as well. It helps that there is a guide for each name at the end of the book but this fact is not indicated in the beginning so some may not notice it until they reach the end. This book is a good read but parents may want to take caution in allowing their teenagers to read it.

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    • Rebecca2904 profile image

      Rebecca 5 years ago

      A great review! I think it's great that you've pointed out some sections might not really be appropriate for it's intended audience, I'm sure that's something parents would want to know before letting their younger teenagers read it.

      It seems like it might be a little bit like Twilight? About teenagers, for teenagers, and a romance between two supernatural beings, one who doesn't understand the powers she has yet?

    • Deep Metaphysical profile image

      Deep Biswas 5 years ago from India

      Sounds interesting, but don't we have feelings all the time? Shouldn't then our bodies be emitting misty looking color all the time? Anyways, that's up to the author. Good review.

    • diplorging profile image

      diplorging 5 years ago from Serbia

      It's cool. I like series

    • icecreamcones profile image

      Mary Cones 5 years ago

      It is very interesting! Although I must warn you the author plans to make it a trilogy so there are some unanswered questions in the end. This book just came out so the next two may take a while to come out. I'm glad you enjoyed my review! :)

    • Jenna Kunc profile image

      Jenna Kunc 5 years ago from Colorado

      Hmm, I've never heard of this book before. I may have to check it out!

    • diplorging profile image

      diplorging 5 years ago from Serbia

      It sounds interesting, athough I hate when you can't follow caracters name:)