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Sweet-Nostalgia, Without Sorrow.

Updated on July 14, 2012

Sweet Nostalgia, Without Sorrow

And so I sat smoking a cigarette I swore would be my last

I began to recall my childhood, oh how it went by so fast

everything moved by so quickly , in such fast paces

just like those childhood school races

where the medal didn't matter it was the competing that was fun

it wasn't about qualifications, it wasn't about finding 'the one'

everything seemed so simple, and easily corrected

no mountain too high, no storm unexpected

We could roll around in the mud without a second thought

when love was unconditional, and never bought

where war was in movies , and stress was something we did not understand

where everything was impulsive, nothing was planned

our parents were never going to die, they were strong

we thought we would always be accepted, we would always belong

love was a feeling felt for family and friends

relationships didn't hurt , we just played pretend

And so I thought I could write a list for those days I missed,

but life has not got a rewind button for us yet,

so I will stay thankful for those days I will never forget

And live to make the memories for tomorrow

to look back on in sweet nostalgia and not sorrow.


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