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"Deprived" by Eric Wayne Flynn

Updated on October 17, 2013


Possessed by process

Consulting our electricity

We all succumb

Pathways saturated

Motivated by chemicals

We all succumb

Flesh cries for flesh

Touch what we lust

We all succumb

Eyes seek symmetry

Beauty is beheld

We all succumb

Tongues sprout buds to be pleased

Glands dams release

We all succumb

Pressed hearts keep the beat

Sounds sail away to sea

We all succumb

Scents seduce

Memories inhaled

We all succumb

Kings and Queens, Rich and Poor

Coast to coast, Shore to Shore

We all succumb

Sensing the same thing

More, more, more, more or less

We all succumb

One more bite, one more kiss, one more sight, one more sniff

Till the last breath, we yearn for the touch

Sadly, we all succumb

Our last experience escapes us

All the while, fearful of all that we had to lose


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