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Sword of Destiny: A Personal Journey For A Purpose In a Magical World

Updated on July 3, 2016

Sword of Destiny By Andrzej Sapkowski

Sword of Destiny By Andrzej Sapkowski

Do you know what I hate about foreign books? It’s waiting for the translation into English. Do you know what I hate about waiting for a translation? It’s when the English translations are published and released out of order. That is what happen in the case of Andrej Sapkowski’s World of the Witcher series. They were gradually translated and released over the past seven years but they were done in the order of this: book one, book three, book four, and books five, and then lastly book two. Why did this happen? I don’t know. It seemed someone made a mistake. I was surprised when I was done with book one and went to buy the sequel to find I have to wait six months to do so. It’s been six months. I finally got ahold of it. So here’s my review of the second book in the Witcher series called Sword of Destiny.

So what is it about? It follows Geralt, a man mutated and bred to be a monster hunter in a world where magical things of all kind are going extinct. This is a series of short stories following him as he looks for work in the north. Unlike the first book where it is a series of short stories tied together by the confessions to his priestess. This is more loosely tied together by the theme of destiny, love, and prejudice. Each story stands on its own as he hunts a monster or fights bandits in each one, but there personal issues to each one. His love and loss of Yennifer, a sorceress, take up the majority of the tale, but just as he feels to seek her out again he instead forms a very father daughter relationship with a princess instead. In this was this story is about a restless man finding some sort of peace in a world that believes him to be a freak, and finding his place in the world (that is destiny) in the most unexpected places.

The good? Like the first book. It’s a fine set of short stories that are leading up to bigger events in the next book. The character of Geralt is so dynamic and wonderfully defined. The world is great. There is so much great stuff here, that it is nearly perfect.

The bad? The first book had great stories of slaying monsters and such. This book did take a different approach. Yes. There are monster fights, but there are not as many. Our example is a story where Geralt decides he’s the better man and walks away from a fight with a sorcerer to prove he’s a better man. There’s another where the end game revolves around politics of the elves rather than an action. These are much more personal stories rather than epic stories for Geralt. But I feel fans of the first book may be disappointed by that. So this is a fair warning to those looking for some pulpy high fantasy. This is a little less action heavy. Also I don’t like Yennifer. I really don’t like her character. I can’t see a reason why she is special to Geralt, so I would like her to leave the series for a while.

Overall, this is much more densely personal journey for Geralt than a swash buckling adventure. It’s instead entertaining on so many other levels than the first book. If you love high fantasy, you must check this out.

Overall Ratings: A Personal Journey For A Purpose In a Magical World

4 Smoothies out of Four

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