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Symbols and History

Updated on July 22, 2015

I would like to first express that there is 100 percent of certainty which causes me to agree that all Confederate Flags should be removed from any and all State Capital buildings. I DO NOT AGREE with this systemic DE-CONFEDERATIZING of our own AMERICAN HISTORY. The reason for these Southern States to make that logical course of action in Seceding can be morphed into many different points of view. States’ Rights or Slavery – It doesn’t really matter which one. The most important thing to understand is that this undeniable fact was: “SOME, but NOT all Citizens who populated the ENTIRE UNITED STATES – NORTH AND SOUTH were in FACT RACIST!” I understand that that we as Teacher’s / Roll-Modes’ do not want to hurt the feelings of other person’s, young and old, but Really! This Political Correctness is beyond out of control and completely idiotic! We as a society really need to open our eyes and suck it up! Our History, just like every Human-Being on the Planet has Skeleton’s in their Closet’s. Turning a blind eye to our own faults, and moronic behavior will NEVER make us a better person. When we embrace our GOOD and BAD experiences, we can only then move forward in creating better lives for ourselves and the others around us. This idea of being Politically Correct is a very passive way in living your life. I understand that there are certain times, along with places where we must express humility and maturity, but when it comes to History – YOU CAN NEVER GET AWAY WITH EXPRESSING THIS IDOLOGY OF BEING POLLITICALLY CORRECT! Teaching History can be done in many different points of view and opinions, just like those Celebrity Stories today. This style of teaching helps the student become more open minded and educated in their field of study. Racism, like Slavery is an institution which is LEARNED throughout life by the people who come before us. This ideology of being Racist is NOT GENETIC! Only the blind person can be accepting of another person’s differences! Racism will only be eradicated when ALL PEOPLE can understand that ALL OF US are the SAME on the INSIDE!

Each State within the Union during 1860, did not explain in detail why the decision to Secede was made. It is not stated that the Institution of Slavery should in fact continue as is, and it also did not mention we as American’s must maintain any and all States’ Rights. There is a distinct difference in ideology between Politicians, and the every-day American during our American Civil War. The reasons for Secession cannot be simply quantified into a clear universal understanding for explaining why this course of action became the catalyst in the annihilation of about 2% of our American Population. The goal in eliminating one reason for Secession does not justify eradicating certain aspects of our American History from the human consciousness.

Symbols, and written History can never be changed – What is done – Is done! When educating our Children and Young People, we must be mindful of allowing our personal feelings cloud our own point of view. In order for History to be told, all aspects must be explained to guarantee a better understanding of how we have come to be in existence. The most optimal time for our mind to grow, adapt, and learn is during Early Childhood. Having this ideology in being Politically Correct will do nothing but limit a Child’s learning potential. The ability in embracing triumphs along with failure can strengthen ones humility. Learning about death, life, love, racial injustice, and birth can become a substantial aspect in understanding human nature. The wonderful thing about all humans is the ability in having this – FREE WILL! Coming to terms with our strengths and faults is the first step in bettering our own life, along with the lives of all people who come after us. We must not just Educate our Young People in History, we must also educate them in becoming mindful of Understanding: Humility, Common Sense, and most importantly – LOVE!


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© 2015 Jeb Stuart Bensing


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