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How To Rock A Grown Up Child To Sleep

Updated on December 26, 2012
Who Counts Sheep anymore?
Who Counts Sheep anymore? | Source

My daughter, the college student, has long nights to stay up with finals. But now, when finals are over, and it is summer time, there is no need to stay up to study. The long phone calls are nice to have, but now this mother is unable to sleep, just like daughter. Here is a poem that reflects those times when I wish she could be in my arms again.

Sympathy For The Restless College Student

Why you
Can not sleep
Bothers me.
Are you
Alone and cold?
Are you scared
By a dream
Have been
Full of
Worry or

My prayers at night
Have gone out,
But I still
Feel uneasy;
Suffering from a
Still queasy.

Sympathetic Insomnia-
We should take up
The same space,
Maybe we can share
A night,
Laughing about
The past
The thoughts

The cord is still
Not severed between us.
You will always
Be a part of my heart
And I need to
Hear when you fall
Into a
Sweet slumber...

Then I will
Be able to
Close my
And get some
Shut eye too.

copyright @2012 CMCastro


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