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Synergy in Poetry and Pics

Updated on November 6, 2010



City Trees

city trees screen the faded reds and browns

of crumbling age-old brick

remnants of an earlier era sit with stoic resolve

along an ancient road once paved, once dirt, once untouched land

tired now from the ceaseless tramp of man

weary of the constant friction of speeding tyres

rattling carriages, booted and bare feet...

city trees screen the echoes of yesteryears past

a patch of grass offers welcome respite

for 30-minute- lunch-breaks

and the homeless at night

a resting place for lost birds

for lovers whispered words

for silences that remain unheard...

city trees evolving with each passing season

tenaciously adapting to the unending noise

the changing air...the vibrations of its city home

city trees with elegant natural grace

that survive and flourish in this city place

offering a moment of seasonal serenity

to this bustling city race;

sharonlee© 31/10/10

The Matriarch Queen

                The Matriarch Queen

The woman sitting by the stone fireplace

did not look like a queen,

nor did she seem

to have the bearing of a warrior;

her long hair was streaked with gray,

her faced etched with lines

that marked the passage of her days…

the robe she wore was almost as aged as she,

a faded royal blue that was slightly frayed;


few knew the true strength that lay hidden beneath her robe

or the ingenious brilliance hidden

in the caverns of her mind;

fewer still knew of the powerful magics that lurked in her soul,

magics that belonged to an ancient time...

this woman did not look like a queen,

she did not look like the tenacious warrior she had once been,

the queen-woman looked weighed down

by a burden of grief and guilt and self-hate

encumbered by an abysmal fog

of loss and heartache…


this regal Lady had worn

armor more then exquisite gowns

and put battles before a ball

and while ever an enemy still breathed

she would not take a fall,

she carried a sword more then a scepter

and a helmet before a crown

and where the fighting was the thickest

she could always be found…

she had magic in her fingers

and loyalty in her heart

and the determination

to finish what all enemies start…


the woman sitting by the stone fireplace

did not look like a queen

nor did she seem

from this time or any other

save for fantasy or dream

or the realm of a writers


where no rules

hamper the limitations of creation…


The Full Moon Calls To My Restless Soul


The Full Moon Calls To My Restless Soul

on a night when the full moon hung like a hungry eye

watching the world from its pedestal in the sky

I felt an uneasy yearning fill my restless soul...

for those idealistic youthful days

when I still believed the world could change its ways

when I tripped through life without a care

and still believe that love was a life shared...

I was fatalistically optimistic in those days

and thought the world my mine to tame

but somewhere along the way

realized I didn't know the rules of the game

and felt an inner deficiency, no philosophy could I find

that fulfilled my expectations or eased my questing mind

I did not comprehend poverty and starvation for some

and crapulous opulence for others under the same sun ...

and as the full moon called to my restless soul

I realized one certain thing-

what a rugged road life was as a whole

for you never know what each bend will bring...

the sudden detours of lost love that you traverse

often-times moving in reverse

the hard slog of the mountain road

where every step burdens your load

and just when you think you are free-wheeling

on the homeward stretch a myriad of wicked curves

are sent to bedevil your way

until you are lost by the end of the day...

and when the midnight moon rocks the tides

in a hypnotic ebb and flow

I ponder my life-questions and the things I still don't know

and when the full moon calls to my restless soul

I long to know and do more, before I grow too old;




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    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 

      7 years ago from England

      Hi, I just wanted to say that I thought your poems were great, I suggest that you edit this and put your comment box at the bottom of the page, I didn't notice your poems to start with and thought that you had only added a picture! lol okay? that way people will see your work the second that they click on your page, nice to meet you, I look forward to reading your hubs, cheers nell


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