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T.A.W: Book Review

Updated on February 2, 2011

The Available Wife

The Available Wife
The Available Wife

Niquole Wright seems to have it all; a loyal and devoted husband, two children and a rising record label that she dedicates more time to than her family. Everything is perfect except for one thing...her husband Germaine. She has run her course with him and he needs to be replaced. When the handsome and seductive Kingston enters her life, he becomes the perfect substitute. Clueless to his wife's plan, Germaine continues to be a loving naive husband while Niquole's full blown affair quickly becomes her obsession. Desperate to start a new life with her new man, Niquole does everything in her power to push Germaine out of the picture. However, little does she know Kingston plans are different from hers. Sit back and see what happens when a wife learns that the price of betrayal can have a shattering toll.

Author, Carla Pennington
Author, Carla Pennington


      Here comes a tale of character and southern belle, Niquole Wright, one of the most outlandish bitches, the publishing world and fiction game could ever meet. The highly anticipated novel, The Available Wife by Carla Pennington will have readers on the edge of their seats as it explores the urban, twisted life of a female, record label CEO, Niquole Wright. Even in the real world today, its barely enough female rappers, DJs, producers and female owners in the music industry. Most of them take on the burden of climbing to the top without doing the usual... Many record labels are owned by men as some of them often have a crime boss mentality and we all know the story of the once successful and deadliest record label in Hip Hop's history. In The Available Wife, Niquole Wright has a quite, similar path.

      A mother of two boys and a wife married to character, Germaine, one would think Niquole is the happiest woman alive. Unfortunately, she has extreme hatred stemming towards her husband, since the start of them being together. Therefore, it leads to an illicit love affair with her side man, Kingston. As their affair begins to get steamy of luscious escapades, Niquole tries to put plans into effect to escape her marriage, after all. But, Kingston seemingly has other plans that's a little more worth than life itself. Still, a man is going to be a man in the process.

      When attempted to full sexual assaults occur, murder, betrayal, disappearing talent, past secrets and family issues come to light, Niquole becomes a candidate for self destruction. She struggles to maintain her identity, if it means to hurt others in her way. As the sequences decently unravel in The Available Wife, trust may be the hardest thing to do as well as gain. The suspense only becomes intense. Niquole gets what's coming to her as it could just be the beginning.

      Niquole Wright may not be the ideal woman of every man's dreams. She's probably far from being any woman's best friend or bestess as it now can be described for the female version of a good buddy. Grass on the other side is either greener or meaner to Niquole. Leaving the 80 for the 20 rule of relationships could apply and is a person still considered good with tragic flaws? With a delusional and possessive outlook of love from Niquole, anything is possible.

      If you are a fan of Carla Pennington and a collector of African-American Fiction/Literature, The Available Wife is a must read. An intriguing thriller of love triangles is very strong in The Available Wife. The novel is pretty unique. Lisa and Alex from the movies, Obsessed and Fatal Attraction really don't have anything on Niquole. Get The Available Wife to see how a SISTER can be just as grimy in pursuit of a man.

©2011, Alphonso Taylor. All rights reserved. No republication of this material, in any form or medium, is permitted without express permission of the author.


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      7 years ago

      OMG, thank God she(Niquole) spells her name different from me...Nicole Wright. The people might get us confused especially me being a from Tennessee.(lol) (smile) I gotta Cop this book.


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