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Updated on November 13, 2012

I love this Man

God, can this man really be real,

The wonderful way that he makes me feel,

from my heart with his love he has healed,

With his stamp and his seal,

From me there is nothing for him to steal,

I give my love to him willingly and with zeal.


God, this man is really a jewel,

When he is near I can't help but be a fool,

I know he would never ever be cruel,

He's one of the few that go by the rule,

I can tell he'll never act the fool,

He'd never use love as an unfair tool,

Just to make people think that he is cool.


God, I love this man more with each passing day,

If for this you would see fit to make me pay,

There's only one thing that I have left to say,

And that's that I'll take whatever comes my way,

No matter what ahead of me may lay,

My heart from him will never stray,

For my love for this man is here to stay.


God, this man off my feet he did sweep,

He made me love him so very deep,

That I dream of him each night in my sleep,

I wish near me always I could keep,

His love that can easily make me weep,

His love never makes me feel dirty or cheap,

His love is so wonderful and so sweet.


God, the thought of losing him I can't bear,

My heart from out of me it would tear,

I would only be able to sit and stare,

At pictures of us when we were a pair,

Oh, that wouldn't or couldn't be fair,

For this love my soul I would bare,

And with no one would I try to share,

This love so beautiful and so rare,

For this man, I really love and care.

by Pamlia Wall


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