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Updated on November 24, 2010



Here was a day you would want to stay in bed; dreary with the wind blustering and the rain was coming down in a cold chilling mist.


This dull day did not stop Revington Rosewood from keeping his routine however.


Rev as most people called him kept a very tedious schedule in the morning. First he was up and about in his sweat pants, and T-shirt hopping right into the shower doing all the necessary grooming deeds for the day right down to styling his brown wavy hair just so, and trimming his goatee.


Rev was a perfectionist in all aspects of his life.  God gave him natural good looks and a body most women took pause for.

Everything seemed to come easy for Rev even his career was a job most people only dreamed of.


Rev looked out the window and saw the bleak dismal day outside, as he turned on his coffee maker, and started to fry his usual scrambled eggs.  He popped two pieces of bread into the toaster.


While eating his breakfast Rev decided what overcoat to wear.  He already was dressed in his favorite navy blue power suit and his lucky red tie in preparation for the big corporate meeting this afternoon.


Yes it seemed like Rev had everything any man would want, except that special someone to share his life with.  Funny thing is Rev didn’t even know yet himself he was missing having a significant other.  Oh sure he could have almost any woman he wanted, but none of them he had met so far kept his interest very long.


Rev started off on his way to his office in his swanky sports car.  The drive was monotonous as he had driven it for six years almost on automatic pilot.


Desolate and gray the day continued as Rev walked into his office past his secretary Barbara.


Barbara was a ravishing blonde bomb shell even though she always wore conservative dresses.  She was efficient and meticulous, and Rev couldn’t had ordered a better executive secretary for himself if there was such a place to order secretaries from. If there was one thing that Rev didn’t know about Barbara it was that secretly she had a crush on him, like almost all women did working for Hatford Products.


Hatford Products was a large conglomerate that spanned the nations internationally.  Rev worked for the main office in New York City.


The morning flew by and Rev had his presentation all ready for the meeting to take place after lunch.  For lunch he decided to dine at Shatorue which had excellent chicken cordon blue; one of Rev’s favorites. 


Upon leaving his office building with umbrella up and ready, Rev took a step forward out the door, and didn’t know exactly what hit him until he saw a disheveled woman sprawled out in front of him on the side walk!


Rev quickly did the gentlemanly thing of helping her up and asking if she was alright.  

She was a mess! 

Her whole backside was soaked, her hair a fly away mess and obviously she hadn’t even been carrying an umbrella! 

Rev thought as he was helping her “What kind of person doesn’t carry an umbrella on a day like today, and what was she doing not looking where she was going knocking right into me anyway?”


Of course Rev wasn’t aware that this was typical for Casey Brown. Casey was a nice woman but mostly a disorganized klutzy gal.  Neither was aware that Casey worked in the building next to Rev’s. 


Miss. Brown at the time she ran into Rev actually was doing her usual day dreaming. 

Casey Brown had pitch black long hair that generally laid perfectly in ring curls, but today she was wearing the drowned rat look.  Casey had olive skin and was a few inches shorter than Rev’s tall six foot stature.  Casey was in great shape because no matter what, she worked out all the time.  Generally she looked at least presentable, but taking a fall on a puddled cement sidewalk did not help her appearance one bit.


Casey assured Rev in a most embarrassed polite way that she was fine and for him to go on his way.  Miffed at the girl a bit but still having slight concern; Rev did end up leaving her even as frazzled as she was at her insistence.


All during Rev’s lunch he could not get Casey off his mind.  He didn’t really realize why he kept thinking of her except he couldn’t understand how someone could be so careless and unprepared for the wet weather? 


In any case the rest of the day went off successfully for Rev and he was highly praised for that afternoon’s presentation.


This rainy day happened to be the Monday before Thanksgiving, not that Thanksgiving meant that much to Rev because he usually spent it alone on holiday in the Bahamas, as he had already planned to do the same this year. So until Wednesday when he left on his flight he kept his usual schedule of going to the club to work out.


Generally Rev would stay later at the office but because the meeting took up most of the afternoon he thought he would treat himself to an earlier time at the gym. 

Rev didn’t belong to an exclusive club even though he could have afforded to, but he preferred the local YMCA.  Not only was the Y close to his office, it also was one of the few clubs that had a pool, and Rev loved to swim laps to relieve any built up stress.


First Rev went into the cardio room to use the treadmills to warm up his muscles, than as always he went to the weight room and did his regimen combination of lifting free weights and working on the machines.  Finally it was his favorite work out time, pool time. 


Rev had all his swimming gear on, looking almost like a professional swimmer, between nose plugs, eye goggles, a navy blue swim hat to protect his head, and it was no small wonder he looked like quite the athlete in his tight fitting Speedo swim suit.


Rev began swimming his laps and hadn’t gotten even one quarter away through them when all of a sudden some one crossed his lane attempting to get to another lane; except it was too late for him to stop and he ran right into the nincompoop whose timing was rude and way off!


Neither swimmer was hurt but they certainly recognized each other!  Rev couldn’t believe it was the same clumsy gal that ran into him earlier today!  Rev thought to himself “What is with this woman, doesn’t she have any idea what she is doing?”


Well Casey was beside herself and couldn’t apologize more.  This was Casey’s usual time to be at the Y and this was not only embarrassing but doubly humiliating to her! 


Casey as she humbly left Rev’s lane thought to herself “Oh my goodness what are the odds of acting a fool twice in front of the same handsome man whom I never saw before in my life; all in one day!” “How mortifying!”  But Casey after going to such lengths getting to the lane beside Rev could not just leave, so she started her laps.


Rev certainly wouldn’t leave; he was a stickler for doing his work out routine in full.  Although after Rev calmed down he did think to himself “It’s such a shame that a pretty woman like that has not a clue in her head” 


“Finally” Casey said “he is gone” “Phew”  “I hope I never run into him again literally”, and than she chuckled a little bit in spite of herself.


Rev had gone home to his apartment, and made himself some light dinner.  Than he decided to watch a movie for the rest of his evening; yet through most of his evening he couldn’t concentrate much on the movie, but kept going over in his mind about the beautiful funny faced girl that ran into him twice in one day.  Rev couldn’t imagine why he was thinking about her so much, but finally chalked it up to how it was such a catastrophe of coincidences; who could forget them or her for that matter?


Wednesday flew by and Rev took a cab to catch his plane.  Luckily he was able to get a first class seat, seeing that he decided late to fly out to the Bahamas.


A private limousine picked him up at the airport and drove him directly to his favorite resort he always stayed at.  This was called the Tiki Wa Resort and held the most wonderful of accommodations.


Rev had a shanty on the beach, one of two that were made out of the traditional bamboo pipes with a grass roof.  His room had all amenities needed to relax away the hours from a king size bed that was outfitted with a canopy and light blue mosquito netting. The suite had a full kitchen and a mini bar, and everything was decorated in island décor.  Everything matched flawlessly from the bedspread, couch, to the beach view patio furniture, and the string hammock.


It wasn’t your traditional Thanksgiving but if you couldn’t have a conventional dinner with family than why not enjoy this vista.


Relaxing on his beach front Rev began to remember when his parents were alive and how cozy the house was when the three of them had their own private Thanksgiving.  Unfortunately Rev had lost both his parents in a small plane crash when they were flying in their private plane to South Carolina.  Many years had passed now, and usually Rev did not think of them in a melancholy way anymore.  However the holidays did certainly have their lonely moments.


Tomorrow was Thanksgiving and Rev decided he would find out what the resort offered in way of entertainment for the next couple of days.  It was best to keep busy on the holiday itself.


Unluckily there were no day activities planned but Thanksgiving night there was going to be a band playing in the ball room.


Rev decided to relax Wednesday night, he was feeling a little jet lagged and thought it wouldn’t hurt to turn in early to bed and wake up more refreshed for the next day.


No sooner did Rev shut his eyes did he hear loud music coming from the hut connected to his.  Rev thought and mumbled to himself “what the heck is this now!”  “It is ten o’clock at night who has the nerve to be playing marimba music this late at night!”  However no sooner did he say those words the music stopped and finally Rev was sound asleep.


Thanksgiving morning came with the heat radiating already on Rev’s beach deck.  Rev was feeling the loss of his parents a little bit heavier now, but he forced himself to think of all the special times he was thankful for; that he had spent with his parents instead of how much he really missed them.


It was too hot to spend much more time on the beach so Rev decided to relax in his hammock on the back deck that had two palm trees shading it.  He was equipped with a good reading book and settled in comfortably swaying easily in the hammock with the cool breeze that slightly blew.


However it was still hard for Rev to keep his mind off how lonely he was this Thanksgiving no matter how he tried to occupy himself with his book.


Rev was just about to get up to go take a shower when crash!

On the deck next door there was a terrible bump, smash, clang, clatter and crack sound, as well a woman’s moaning. 

Rev couldn’t see over the dividing wall but he yelled “are you alright over there?” “Do you need help?”

As he walked around to his neighbor’s deck he continued “Hello?”  “Are you all riiiiiiiiiiight?”


What a surprise!

It couldn’t be!

Rev must have been seeing things!

Rev quickly thought “not her!”

“It really couldn’t be!”

But it was her sprawled on the deck floor, the hammock off its tree, a chair down, and a table tippled over; was the one and the same Casey Brown from the city!

Casey wasn’t hurt except for her pride.

Casey couldn’t believe her eyes after she got her bearings!

She thought “It can’t be!”

“No” “it really can’t be him”

“Oh my goodness it is him!”


Both Rev and Casey just were stunned!

Both thought simultaneously

“We both took the same vacation!”

“Picked the same resort!”

“And even are neighbors!”

“How can this be?”


Than both Rev and Casey all at once together started to laugh hysterically!

As they both were laughing, Rev started to catch his breath, and he helped Casey off the floor, although this time he didn’t let her go! As they both calmed down their laughing both just gave each other a big hug.

Than the hug led to a very passionate kiss in that delightful moment!


Come to find out Casey had booked her vacation way in advance because someone at the YMCA said it was a great place to stay, and that person probably heard it from Rev himself.


Casey was also there feeling lonely, because she choose not to visit her family for the holiday, not wanting to go through all the questions from bud-in-ski family members who always wanted to know if she was seeing someone? ~ Or when she plans to get married? ~ And on and on and on?  Casey also even though missing family could not bare to go through the thousand questions this year, so there for she decided to go on a vacation alone instead.


After sharing some cool drinks together, Rev and Casey realized they had much in common, and even though Rev thought Casey had the worst luck, there was no one he thought now more funny and enjoyable.


All the rest of their Thanksgiving was spent together talking and laughing.

They had so much fun together, that they spent the rest of vacation together in each others company.

As a matter of fact when they both arrived back in New York City, they were practically inseparable!


It was a long but wonderful year when they returned back to Tiki Wa Resort to elope on the next Thanksgiving.  Their wedding was fantastic with all the people at the resort invited!


Now a days Rev and Casey take vacations and spend Thanksgiving with their three children, (triplets) named, Cally, Revenington Jr., and Catrina.





Lisa J. Warner


Lisa Luv

CopyRight11/24 /2010@LisaLuvLLC



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