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The Bride of Christ

Updated on August 17, 2014

The Chosen One

You chose me to be your wife

You wrought me with your life,

You are my husband

I am Your bride,

My dress is righteousness

My veil is holiness,

My head is adorned with

Salvation complete.

The Called Out One

In humble submission,

I will! I do take You!

Forever, in love my God

I am Ecclesia,

The called out one by God

Made up collectively,

Of many members.

The Beloved One

I have unction from the Holy One

In You, I stand complete,

The Bride of Christ!

You’re coming back for me

We will spend eternity,

Time shall never interrupt us again

To divorce You from me or,

Divorce me from You

In You, I stand complete,

The Bride of Christ!

The Church of the Living God.


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