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Updated on February 11, 2015


It was the twenty –fourth century when the new world had just been formed. This was the worst period ever in human history. The two super powers, Namsland and Solfred who were the worse rivals yet, were fighting against each other in the new world and had even forced the other minor and less powerful nations to join either of the rivalry nations. Their main motive was to rule the entire world.

The World War III had now begun between the two ultimate powers. A swarm of missiles and other nuclear weapons were being launched by both Namsland and Solfred on each other. Both of them even after being aware of the horrifying and horrible results of the war continued with their stupid plans of devastating their enemies and allies. But all what the grisly war caused was the death bane of the people. The conditions had become so bad that even the gods and the demons had to come to the planet Earth to fix the issues. But the conditions were not the same ever before.

Centuries ago, when the big bang had just led to the formation of the planet Earth, the gods blessed this planet with living organisms of various different splendid varieties ranging from those who lived on the land to those who showcased their skills in the air. Those who lived in water to those who lived on land and there were even some sumptuous ones who could live on both.

All of these creatures lived in a blithely and really friendly manner. With the passage of time these splendid formations of god even modified which led to the formation of other new creatures. The creatures were not aware that there beautiful lives were going to come to a halt when some of the chimpanzees modified and led to the formation of human beings. Initially even the human beings were just living blithely with all the other ones but then as they further modified both physically and mentally they became totally selfish unlike the other selfless creatures.

Humans now started to develop and they even made something which for them was worth more important than feelings, happiness of others and in fact the worse thing was that it was even given more importance than others very own lives. This thing were some metallic coins and some paper notes which the referred to as money. Money was what had become the most important thing of their lives. It was something humans were always greedy about. How much ever money one had he or she wanted more of it. Money had even become a necessary devil as it could buy anything and everything one needed for survival.

Humans had started mercilessly killing other creatures for the useful products which could be provided from them and the main motive behind this was to earn a good sum of money by selling them. Humans had not only killing other creatures but even started killing other humans for the same. The world was becoming violent and several lives were being lost and the prime reason for this was the humans.

When the gods got to know about the havoc which was being created by the humans on the beautiful planet which initially when created was as good as paradise and now had turned into hell, the gods thought of punishing these greedy humans. Soon there were a number of natural disasters on the planet Earth which led to a massive loss to the industrializing human society. The gods had pulverized all of it.

After about 5 years the gods wished to see the condition of the Earth again. They were expecting that the humans must have learned a lesson by now and they would have started to living a selfless life. In fact they even started wagering about the improvement in the human nature after their hazardous punishment. Some said that now the humans would be the best creatures on the planet and the most selfless, honest and even filled with numerous good qualities whereas the other were expecting slightly less.

When at last the gods had a look at the planet to their surprise the humans had made everything which had been pulverized by the gods all over again. In fact this time the condition was even worse than before. They had even discovered ways to protect themselves and their properties from the quiver movements of the planet or even the massive water waves.

The second thing which shocked the gods was that now even the good and humble creatures had been provoked by the humans. The humans were blindly and mercilessly killing all other living organisms and they had to pay for their mistake as now even the smallest creatures like the mosquitoes had started killing humans through various diseases they were spreading but even they failed as these humans were so more advanced that they even found a way to save lives from the worst diseases or disorders.

The humans had even started hunting down the nature and the mother Earth for their greed. It was the humans who had made this planet reach such a pitiable stage that questions had started raising up in the mind of the gods whether this planet had any further scope for the existence of living organisms on it or not.

This was the time when the sun god predicted that one day the hope of survival in the planet Earth will come to a dead end and all the humans who are the once to be blamed for this will all die in despair and the sun which is a source of hope, and mandatory for survival will never rise again in this hopeless planet filled with humans.

Days, months and years were passing by with rapid downfall and debacle in the human nature and behavior and the condition was no better for their very own planet Earth either. After some more time there were two consecutive World Wars which caused annihilation all over the planet and the conditions of the once living there was abhorrent.

The gods started feeling bad for their innocent creations that were being killed for nothing and hence blessed the planet Earth with the UN. The UN at that stage came out to be really advantageous for the planet and even prevented the world from having another World War. It even raised several severe issues such as the merciless act of hunting animals, deforestation, and other such issues.

The condition of the world had started improving and even the countries had started living in peace and harmony excluding the fact that there were minor cold wars between some of them. When the demons in the hell got to know about this they all were annoyed. The demons then created two more nations with their ultimate powers. These two nations were known as Namsland and Solfred.

Namsland and Solfred were filled with the men assigned by the demons to ruin planet Earth. The demons expected them to work together but with the passage of time these two groups became big rivals in fact the biggest rivals ever in the human history.

By the end of the twenty-third century these two nations had captured most of the big and powerful nations and now out of the two hundred countries in the world, Namsland and Solfred had captured one fifty of them. The other fifty of them were the weak, small and hopeless countries. The two ultimate powers ordered that by the early Twenty-fourth century a new world would be formed, the world ruled by Namsland and Solfred.

Both Namsland and Solfred wanted to be the exclusive ruler of the world and hence just when the new world was formed there was a World War between the two super powers. Both demons and the gods were shocked on seeing this. The gods were shocked on seeing this as even the UN was not able to stop them and the demons were shocked because the two powers were fighting and killing their own people, they were supposed to work together but they were rather fighting each other on the battlefield .

The human nature had shocked both the demons and the gods and they both were contrived to come on the Earth. The gods had to come because a lot of innocent people were being killed and the demons had to come to stop their two creations from fighting each other. This was the first and the last when both the demons and the gods were going to meet on the Earth.

The gods left for planet Earth just few hours before the demons did. Both the demons and the gods had different reasons to come on the Earth but the cause was all the same. The main cause which led to the supreme powers come to the planet Earth were the humans and their baffling minds which had zapped both the gods and the demons. The two were not aware that they both were going to meet each other until when they reached the planet Earth.

When the demons and the gods both reached the planet Earth they astonished by the violence created by the dwellers of the planet. The other thing which bothered both of them was that they were able to feel each other’s power. On reaching the planet both of them started executing their plans. The demons went to the two super nations in the new world and they told them that they had to work hand in hand to spoil the peace and harmony of the planet rather than just fighting each other. On the other hand the gods went around various places in the planet spreading awareness about the necessity of living in peace and harmony.

When both of them were executing their plans there was a time when they met each other. On seeing each other both of them were annoyed and there was a clash between the two. The clash didn’t last for long as both of them stopped battling when they heard and saw a great missile which had blown out a whole nation.

This blast had entirely changed the mindsets of both of them. They now knew it very well that all their plans had failed and Earth was now a hopeless place. Both of them just turned away and went back to their respective places. Even the heavenly powers of the gods had failed to improve the condition of those living on the planet. It was not able to fight against the greed, merciless nature and selfishness of the human beings.

It was the late twenty-fifth century when the ghastly and horrifying wars had come to an end. None of the two groups had become the winner and by the end of the war both the nations and almost the whole of the new world was ravaged. The hopes of the handful of people who had survived in the war had died. The nuclear bombardments had killed a lot of them and had even made the condition of the Earth such that most of the once who lived on the Earth couldn’t survive due to the harsh conditions.

It was now the first day of the twenty-sixth century. Even the handful of creatures who had survived the war were dying in despair. This was the day the sun failed to rise, and the moon stayed. The sun which is paramount requirement for survival had failed to rise and this led to the end of mankind on the planet Earth. It was just the humans who had made the Earth reach such a pitiable.

Every dark night always has a bright end. In the same way the gods formed another big bang which led to the reformation of a new universe. Earth in the same way was formed all over again. The only difference was that this time it was free from any human interference


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