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Updated on September 17, 2014

Outer Space Is Attractive, but....

We humans, are vying

very hard to travel into

space; outer space, that is,

to visit and see what is out there.

From the Earth's point of

view, it is beautiful, if not

wonderful and spectacular,

to observe the Moon and

stars above at night.

We even forget about its

(Earth's) uniqueness and

what it contains; the Oceans,

rivers and mountains.

Its vegetation and animals.

The Elephant, the Giraffe and

the Hippopotamus. The Lion

and the Bald Eagle; and, Oh, the

Peacock, to name only a few, and

not to mention the little Sparrow.

If it, Earth, has a say, it will remark

that we have not seen anything yet;

for there are gorgeous women, from

New York City to the remotest

cottage in good old China.

The observation deck on Mount

Everest, which puts the world under

our feet; and the foothills of El-Salvador,

which resemble the footsteps for Angles

leading into the clouds to Heaven.

The vast and luscious Hawaiian

pineapple plantations to feed all people

in every village, town and city of the world.

We must remember, it, Earth, has a whole

lot to offer us, and much, much more.



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