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Updated on January 16, 2011



Toby sat on a rock. His eyes rolled around in his head. His belly made a really loud gurgling noise.

 Feeling a bit un-comfy, Toby shifted his enormous belly on the rock, and watched lazily as the flies flew around his head.

 Suddenly, without warning, Toby done the biggest, stinkiest, most horrible blow off you could ever imagine!

 All of the flies flying around his head dropped down dead.

 Hattie the hedgehog scampered right up to Toby, her face all screwed up. ‘Ewww, you really are the most stinky, horrible, big fat frog I could ever imagine! No wonder no one wants to be friends with you.’

 Turning his head slowly away from the prickly pest, the big fat frog opened up his mouth, flicked out his tongue, and gobbled up a great big slug that happened to be slithering by.

 Toby gulped him down, and let out a great big burp, right in Hattie’s face. Hattie fell over, knocked out by Toby’s bad breath.

 Toby tried to hop away, but he couldn’t. He was too fat too hop. So off he crawled around the edge off the pond, eating slug after slug after slug.

 Eventually, Toby got back to where he started. Hattie was just getting to her feet. ‘Ooo err, I don’t feel well. How long have I been laying here?’ Said the drowsy looking hedgehog as she got to her feet.

 ‘Just as long as it takes me to crawl around the pond.’ Replied the fulsome frog.  ‘I think I have eaten all the slugs there is, what am I to eat now?’

 ‘Well’, said Hattie, ‘you could trying eating something other than slugs, you big fat thing you. What about all the flies around the pond? Instead of killing them all with your stinky bum, why don’t you eat them instead? You might even lose a bit of weight!’

 Toby did not say a word. He turned his back on the rude little hedgehog, raised his back leg a little, and completely drowned her in poo.


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