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Updated on May 17, 2017

If you lied and they believed you,

Who is the fool?

You, who believed you were able to trick them?

Or them, who knew you were lying but told you they believed you?

If you had caused injuries to others,

Who suffers more?

You, who will carry the guilt and will always be talked about negatively?

Or them, whose injuries will surely heal and will be sympathized?

If you sneaked behind someones back and was never get caught,

Who is more intelligent?

You who disrespected them without their knowledge?

Or them,who knew you were sneaking but respected you still?

If you said horrible things about someone,

Who is more trustworthy?

You, who let others hear your side of the story?

Or them, who kept their side of the story so that you may never be wronged by others?

The eyes need not be open to see,

The sound need not be so loud to be heard,

But a troubled conscience needs to be cleaned to be at peace.


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