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THE GOOD BOY BRIGADE - Nobody's Perfect

Updated on August 29, 2011

Let's Say Some Nice Things....

*A note to readers: If you have abused family members or have addiction issues, this article is not for you.

Well we all know that we all have our own wounds from our own life experiences. We have all had our share of disappointments and it seems to get a bit more "complicated" as we get older. Not one of us is alike and this I feel is what makes the world go round! I mean who wants to hang out with someone just like them? NOT ME! "Hello ME, let's talk about ME!" ha

One of my favorite sayings is "Pobody's Nerfect" and although it is very simple and I have seen it on merchandise, it really makes sense doesn't it? Hmmm? I mean how many times have we found "faults" in others that we love or "loved?" I can answer THAT one for you! MORE then you probably remember! Let's think back to how many arguments you had with a partner or "ex" where you insulted him or her in the middle of the "heated moment" and started pushing buttons that you know you should not push. Well my hand is up! Is yours?!

Well, we all grow up EVENTUALLY but sometimes it takes us a little longer to see what kind of mess we got ourselves into. Some people learn from their mistakes and some people don't. Some people love and crave drama and some people run away from the situation altogether. Looking back, I'm not quite sure what scenario would have been better? Maybe running away is better then staying and hurting someone for the sake of causing pain or not dealing with your own. Who knows? I guess that is the "trial and error part!"

So today I thought I would say some good things about men that I know or have been involved with that were not "perfect" but had or have BIG HEARTS. Today we will give them a "pat on the back" for atleast sticking it out and trying their best, even if they failed miserably. ha ha

Your Reward that I made for you!
Your Reward that I made for you!

The Good Bits...

Let's hear it for the boys (or men) that stuck it out or are still in their marriages or relationships for 10 to 20 years or more. We all know that life is not easy and not everyone can have "everything" in one person, but we need to appreciate the fact that some people "stick it out nomatter what" or as long as they can depending on the circumstances in the relationship.

Lately I have been around a lot of these sort of "boys." Quite a few of them stayed in long relationships or marriages and they tried hard to make it work. Eventually in most of the cases, the woman left but the point is that even when there were problems or issues, the men "stayed." In a world full of uncertainty I take that as a "good trait" and if you are someone I describe here, this is for you. "Your heart was in the right place" and atleast you had the balls to commit! BRAVO! Welcome to the GOOD BOY BRIGADE!! Now, here is your REWARD!!!! CHOCOLATE CREAM PIE! You like? I hope so!!! I put a lot of LOVE into this dessert! AND I am only giving you one piece so you don't feel like you ate too much! Capiche? ha


So, whatever happened to you or nomatter how bad it got, remember the good times and the fact that not everything works out the way you want it too. Try to rid yourself of anger cause we all know that it really doesn't help things. All it does is create more drama or chaos.

So with that I would like to talk about what makes a man or "boy" attractive. KINDNESS, RESPECT, DEVOTION, LOYALTY AND LOVE. And even if your marriage or relationship ended on a sour note, atleast you tried!!! And that makes you a primary member of the GOOD BOY BRIGADE!! WELCOME!!!

I hope you stay awhile.....


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    • GPAGE profile image

      GPAGE 6 years ago from California

      Ausseye! Well said! In a time where everyone I know is divorcing or separating after very long relationships, I have come to the conclusion that not everyone makes the right choices at certain times in their lives. Solid foundations come when two people grow together and both commit to eachother and their future and they work towards that dream together. The relationships that stay strong are the one's that were like that in the beginning...shaken (sometimes), but never and devotion and a future with a lot of warm cozy moments!!!! ; G

    • profile image

      Ausseye 6 years ago

      GeePage:Equality means the right to stay or leave depending on the quality of the relationship experienced. The right to love and be loved is everyones possibility, add equality and it gets you on a staying agenda, as it would be madness to leave. Freedom to do everything is one of the keys that unlocks a permanent foundation, there are lots of others if you look for them. Now offering a bribe takes the cake??? Some stay and some go, its the way of the world, accepting that is reward enough. May the cake be with you if he's cooking!!!

    • GPAGE profile image

      GPAGE 6 years ago from California

      Hey lovely for you to be the first one here. Thank you for being a gentleman and letting me know that my homage was well appreciated!!! As far as the pie.....I always make a joke about sending goodies via fed ex!!! ha I know a good man loves a good dessert, especially if it is homemade!!!....So I am glad you liked the "idea of it and the photo!!" My heart was in that gift." Thank you so much for your kind comment and for being here and letting me know you were listening!!! That is also a very good trait in a man!!! ha ha G

    • Alastar Packer profile image

      Alastar Packer 6 years ago from North Carolina

      Gpage perhaps it's appropriate that a man makes the first comment. "Pobody's Nerfect" is a sweet way of saying no one bats a thousand. Thank you G. A lot of guys are going to appreciate this homage, this expression of respect, for most of us aren't bad guys and do try our best. I've said it before and will say it again. You have the ability to go straight to the heart of a matter and call it what it is. Very admirable. The only regret in this article is that we can't have a real slice of that delicious looking Chocolate Cream Pie. I'd savor it slowly. Like it deserves. Bless ya Ms.G