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Updated on March 8, 2016


Dear Dearest,

Being your friend, I wanted to say that you always inspire me, but maybe, that was unbelievable. First, I’m silent most of the time. Second, I didn’t text you always to say “hi!” Third, I didn’t take a time to send even a short message of “hello how are you” through fb or email. And lastly, I’m shy to speak a lot and express myself when you’re around. But please believe me friend; you really, really inspire me by your DAILY ACTS. I believe, you’re doing great EVERYDAY…

You always manage to smile even your work is stressful.

You always have time to laugh even your heart felt emptiness.

You always show kindness even to a person who dislikes you.

You always show that you care even to those who hurt you.

You always share your blessings even your pocket is not full.

When you saw a beggar, a street child, a homeless family, a poor

You always utter a silent prayer, “God, use me someday to house them.”

When you speak in front of many people

You really work hard to give them your most excellent motivational words

But what they don’t know, you also need a motivation.

You always do something great to inspire us but you must understand

Just one simple smile and a humorous loud laugh from you

When we glimpse and heard that;

It really, really inspires us.

You always encourage us by your fb post about your success and achievements

But we know, it is not easy to achieve that status.

We know that you paid a price to have that.

You sacrifice. You perspire a lot. You shed tears. You invest for that.

You even temporarily forget yourself for us to be remembered.

Whatever you’ve done and whatever you’ve become

You dedicate and credit this fulfilled dream to us who trust you.

You boast nothing about yourself for your main goal in life

Is to always glorify your Creator and to serve your fellowmen.

You always love to help people got their dreams and build new friendships.

They are your inspiration.

You toil daily, work hard daily, using your skills and talents in a best way.

When your salary comes, you want to cry in joy because you remember them.

You remember your beloved Church that waits for your sacrificial offering.

You remember your precious Family that needs your part for daily budget.

You remember your kind friend that so excited to receive his/her bday gift.

You remember your long distance relative that wants to borrow money.

And you remember, you remember…

That dirty hand of a beggar, that kid in a foundation, that street child.

And you forgot to remember those things you long so much to have…

That new pair of shoes you want to buy. That new gadget…

You seem very strong always

But I know, Yhang knows…

You always ask God for perfect strength.

You always seem full

But I know you wish sometimes that there’s someone out there

To remember you, to treat you a special meal

In a very relaxing place.


But I see the major beat of your heart.

When you saw a poor cigarette vendor, a man in a wheel chair,

A bed ridden, a lot of kids inside a charity foundation,

A single mom who works hard, a fatherless child who study hard,

A very old man begging you to buy his goods

Your heart melts in compassion, praying so sincerely,


Please, help me to reach them. Empower me, use me, and bless me.”

Friend, even though I don’t have my own site but honestly, every time my sis permitted me to open her fb, I want to admit with all shyness that I always visit your timeline, your wall, your precious messages. I’m your secret follower. You didn’t see my name liking, sharing and commenting but…


You don’t have that time to communicate me always. It’s okay friend. Don’t worry. For I believe that you always remember me in your prayers and in your dreams.

Again, believe me; you really, really inspire me. You are such a selfless person. Words are not enough to express how much your friendship means to me. Thank you so much for touching my life in your most humble ways.



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