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The Last African Romance

Updated on February 21, 2016


A vacation well spent in your loving arms. The wet scent of the ocean breeze blows past us and into oblivion. Just free as the birds in the air unhinged and unrestricted.oh!,my african love i pray this moment will never pass for in your loving arms all my worries, past and present seem so small

The sand beneath our feet and in between our toes a bitter yet sweet pleasure as you chase me across the sea shore. Our foot prints left in the sand but I dread as the sea washes them haunts me.why we must awaken from this sweet teenage dream?

Why did we have to meet? Our union so forbidden yet a sweet release from the worries of the world. You hug me goodbye bye yet our hand are intwinned.this forbidden union has taken its i walk away the sunset crowns our parting but I can’t help but thank you for giving me the best days of my life.

Whether it was real isn't of any concern but the way you made me feel will linger i head back up in the air I stare at the endless clouds below. my hand,reminding me of the a promise made to another but now its very foundation is in ruins


© 2016 Mark Peter


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