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Updated on July 30, 2016

- Tours Dalat rainy season hobby. Despite the rain, the resorts are still open to visitors. If traveling by motorcycle, you will enjoy the feeling of looking at Dalat wet and sink hidden in the fog. And of course, going out, you are sure to bring a raincoat to avoid the rain suddenly.

- In Dalat, you will feel very peaceful and comfortable when walking along the streets filled with flowers cool, by benches are located in many places in the city, convenient for tourists to stop and relax after long way.

- Bus and the marketplace are two hot spots reflect the most highly concentrated and lifestyle of the local residents. Dalat Bus quiet, orderly. Besides, Dalat market traders always courteous attitude, happy customers. Personality gentle, hospitable local people will contribute to making your trip more fully. Therefore, you can rest assured you choose to visit this place.

- You will not need to "shill" or guides, Dalat city because only small palms do not hardly ever get lost. Da Lat is not a place for you to discover forever but still not all been places, so people come here mainly to enjoy the atmosphere of cool, fresh. Sometimes just walk around in the rain Dalat, Dalat shelter in the market is a pleasure. And more is coming here, you will meditative silence in the soul and feel peaceful.


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