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Updated on December 16, 2010

a sudden realisation

                                                            PART ONE

A sudden realisation doomed upon me.Something seems really odd.The atmosphere is dark,spooky yet everything is so clearly visible to me.I don't take notice of this.I'm riding a Royal enfield--war bike.I feel its weight.........Its really heavy.

Although I know how to ride a motor bike and how to balance one still I find it very difficult to balance it.It is really heavy.I come to a traffic post.I hault at the signal.I try to maintain my balance but am unable to do so.I fall down with the bike over my leg.Two boys come and help me out.

To my surprise they are my friends.I try to figure it out and it suddenly strikes me thatthat I had come here to attend a birthday party.SO here I am infront of the assigned hotel.I parked my bike infront of the hotel pay the bill and walk in.

Then it strikes me......Where's my gift??

One of my friends handed over a gift to me and said surprised.....

"don't you remember?You had asked me to bring a gift for you as you were busy all the day?"

I nod with acknowledgement but seriously I don't remember anything as such!I try to get that out of my mind and make my way into the washroom.I splash a handful of water on my face and say to myself,

"O Mr forgetful!Try to memorize more of your life."I'm amazed to say this to myself because I know that I am a good student.What has happened to me so suddenly?

I take a deep breath and then exit the washroom.

I take a few steps forward to meet the birthday boy.....the gift pack still in my hand.On my way my wandering eyes meet my first crush.I see her smiling slyly at me.I reply with a wide grin.But I avoid her lest I get engaged in chit chat with her and forget my motive all together!

This first crush business really sucks.It makes your actions so involuntary!You lose all your senses and reason and just keep listening to those sweet words that seem to be a sacred sermon.Its a heavenly feeling altogether.

I hand over the gift to my friend and make my way to the servings.I really like to eat in a party.The servings are so delicious.But I raise my eyes and see that there is no one save me in the room.The room is completely empty and I and there is literally not a soul.

I retrace my way back to the birthday boy's room because I remember giving him a gift and that sly smile I couldn't have mistaken!To my great relief I find that the boy is still there and my gift in his hand.Then,they are playing a prank on me............I must bust this.I retrace my path to the dining hall but what do I see?????

Everyone is back and enjoyin there own plates!!How is this possible??Moments ago they were not there!!I think to myself.............I need i decide to get back home and have some peaceful hours.

The road is empty.Not the sign of a soul!I thought summer morning has driven everyone home and look at me I am alone on the road.The song by greenday ---'I walk a lonely road" flashes across my brain.

I walk across the road to my bike show my ticket and sit on my bike.Just then I hear noises behind me.When they came closer I looked back.There was a military jeep with 6-7 men stationed in it.They all held sticks and were shouting my name like madmen.I became pale with fear!

Who are they?What have they got to do with me?I have no idea!and I don't need an idea if I can escape from them.But what's this!!My bike won't start!They are coming closer.

Come on!!Start!!

No it won't.They are coming closer!

I shout sworn words and get off my bike and start running.Atleast they can carry me faster than my bike now.Its not funny at all!It seems like a typical hollywood or a bollywood movie but its damn serious!!My life is at stake!

While running I realise something very wierd.Although they are following me with full speed they are not getting any closer.Thank God atleast this is a relief at such unfortunate moment.I try to increase my speed to increase the distance between them and me.I am running like a super fast express!But what's this??They are getting closr now.I damn my luck and think.........if keep running like this then in a few moments the jeep would be over me and I would be in a pool of blood.

I see a colony to my left.It has old buildings but can act as a safer abode for me.I turn sharply and get into the colony.I choose a building and get into it.I climb few stairs and then I find a door.I enter it and slam it.I look out of the window.They are still outside.But surprisingly they are not making any attempts to search for me.Perhaps they don't want to leave anything to chance and have called for reinforcements.

I turn around and see an old couple sitting on a chair.The man gets up and exits through the door I entered.I just wish that he is not their messenger.The lady also gets up.She offers me a pant to change.I take it and change into shorts.Then she offers me food.I become suspicious.

I ask,"Why do you want me to eat?"

"Now come on!You are my son and you must eat to stay healthy."

"What!I am your son?Don't be kidding me like that!!"I say with astonishment

"O lord why didn't you kill me before saying such a thing.Do you want to see your birth certificate??It must have become a meal for the termites already."

"Shut up I say!!Look they are my parents!" I hold out my wallet.

"I think you need to get an eye check up"

I turn the wallet and take a look.I almost faint after seeing it!

But I maintain my state.I remember the goons who were chasing me.I look out of the balcony very cautiously.But the leader perhaps spotted me.

"He's in the second floor.Get him" he shouted

I shut the balcony and waited for my doom.There was no escape now.I waited.15 minutes passed but nothing happened.Although nothing happened the tension level was soaring high in me.


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