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The Painted Mind

Updated on September 18, 2016


Moonless night erases her doubts and covers up what her mood would like to be seen. All the stars are shining brightly for everyone, but not for her. The fire of her heart has no reflections anymore. She feels like 'anyone' whose thoughts and cells are growing older. The color of the rainbow seems to be rotten and rusty. She is on the verge of the infinite and timeless cliff as if she had a wish to keep her mind of something. The awkward tendency of her wish on walking in the empty street gives the description of a sleeping city. Each houses surrounded by their fences are like a lost island. The crossed path where she passes seems a waterfall flowing endlessly. The feeling like a sunken bottle on the sea creates relentless and pathetic atmosphere on her mind. Forgotten black memories and plain intuition seizes around her. All the images on the street are depicted as a kind of painting which the sun lost its light and the darkness become the king on the throne.

The woman ponders about her indifference of the blue sea, the sun giving a promising life. Faded attitudes are shaken with the strong wind and distract her direction. She tries to create her imagination in blackness with black-tipped pen!

Ceyda Bedir


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