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The Struggler

Updated on May 26, 2017


Sweet child of mine, the storm rages on, the innocent are drowning proving swimming lessons are just a mere illusion,their boats can’t last too long for my storm may be delayed but never avoided. Doesn’t this make life all the more sweeter and exciting? Isn’t it exotic an spice making this life worth living as you find yourself six feet from the edge of despair?

Most simply give up in the end within this game called life but YOU, interest me above all men. You keep your head above water refusing to drown, fighting for even those who are weak and oppressed. Even when the odds are against you, your stubborn will seems to always turn the tide and you overcome.

Keep up the wonderful show, though I wonder how long you’ll last. You’ve come this far giving up now would just be shameful yet either way I look forward to your inevitable demise and if there’s still an ounce of hope left,your impending victory.

Your loving companion…


© 2016 Mark Peter


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