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The Tale of the Rainbow: Luce's Story

Updated on July 7, 2017

"Life is a journey.

I know you know that ;

Whether because many people told you before or

Y ou might already found it by yourself.

You know that life is a journey which all of you should go through ;

No matter what the circumstances are.

Life is a journey which all of you have to live in ;

N o matter what you would face.

But my question is:

D o you know what the meaning of having life?

Do you know why you should through so much trouble in this life only to die eventually?

Do you know why you should first open your eyes to close them again when time already passed by?"

Hi, my name is Luce, and I’m Lucifer’s daughter. It is nice to finally able to speak to you face to face!

You maybe questioning what am I doing in here, trying to make a conversation with you. Well, the owner of this hub was questioning this too; ”What are you doing there in my head, trying to make conversation with me?” she asked once, furiously! Hehehe… I chuckled because I found that very funny question. Isn’t it so obvious why Demon approaching human since Adam’s time? So why are you still asking question? Or maybe you really do not know why I come to you, even in my best appearance? If that so…. well, well, well, human, you are really big disappointing creature!

But I’m not always bad! (wink! Wink!) Like today, all I want to do just observing. It’s been so long I keep following Freya. This little lady has so many weird things in her head and I found that really interesting. Her personality just like a perfect mix between obsessive compulsive and bipolar syndrome. Laugh much, cry much, and more often life happened in her head, not in her life. Her life is straight and boring one, but she always has carnival in her head. And since I came into her life, I become the prime performer there. She should not able to see me, but well, it is not bad thing that she can, because it gave me more privilege, like: taking over her hub! Hehehe…

Now, for introduction to you all what should I tell you? Hmmmm... how about the ancient story of my father and my kind victory over you? That will be good. :) Ok, take a sit and continue reading!

Long time ago, in the early beginning of human civilization, rainbow not just came out once a while like these days, but it always there, stood still in its places everywhere around the world. Rainbow is the gate which connected heaven and earth where the Angels lives. It is the reflection of the Angels beauty. Once a day those beauty turned into a gold and the Angels ordered the dwarfs to added those gold inside pot and put it in the end of the rainbow so human can have it. Human really love to see rainbow every single day because it made them feel happy. That is why they chose to lived around it. Not just surrounded by its beauty, they also never live in hard time because the gold that Angels gives them always enough to filled their need. Life in the Earth is really prospered and full of happiness at that time.

But of course my Father do not like it. He need company in the hell but if human stop doing sin he can be end up burning alone in the Hell for eternity. That is why he sent Gluttony and Envy to the Earth to seduce human.

Gluttony spread her wings and suddenly human no longer feel their life is enough for them. She whispered in human heart; told men about the secret behind the Angel’s beauty and how it will give them greatness and power upon the world and turned them into immortal who will live forever young. Man should have them, so they can become Angel too.

Envy blew his breath and suddenly he started dancing in human mind. He told women that their man craving for the beauty of the Angel and soon; with the face like their own, women will be leave alone without their man.

Little by little than only see, human craving more. In their heart jealousy, lust and desire grow bigger more than themselves.

Suddenly it become not enough for man to admiring only; they want to have the Angels instead to be theirs. Following the desire, human tried to climb the rainbow and caused chaos in heaven. One by one men intruded Angels beautiful lair. They tried to captured and kidnap these precious creatures.

It is not enough for woman to only see but they want to live with this beauty as part as themselves. So they asked to shamans and medicine women to help them to become one. Envy taught the shaman and medicine women to told the women; because the gold is the product of Angels beauty, the only thing which able to grand their wish only if they wear that gold in their body as much as possible as jewelry. Then women start hunting for the gold. Now the function of the gold is changing. It’s no longer become only thing to give them food, clothes and home, but the most important thing is to make them beautiful like the Angel to capture their man’s heart back to them. They tried to have it as much as they able to get and as the result; the gold in the pot no longer enough. Every morning the women wake up early and wait for the dwarf to fill the pot and every morning only whose came first able to get the gold. Those who didn’t get any became angry and attack the poor dwarf. Because afraid of women, the dwarf rejected his everyday duty, and never want to came back and fill the empty pot with gold anymore .

Now the Rage already become part of the party. Demon laughed really hard when one by one his children being called by human themselves out from hell to enter their hearts.

This incident made God angry and decided to threw all the intruder from heaven, took all Angel’s gold away from human and lifted up the rainbow’s leg from the Earth.

Now human being left alone. They lost all convenience from heaven. There is no beauty to ease their mind, no gold to fill their pocket and no one to blame but themselves. They cried and cried asking for forgiveness, realized that they already become the lowest creature ever existed in Earth because they followed demon’s whisperers.

They keep cried and cried for seven years and their tears flooded the land and then turned it into ocean. The Angels who witnessed this feel pity on them and really worry the tears will left no land for human to live in. They asked God to give His forgiveness to human and God agree. God’s said, “ I forgiving them because they repentant to their sin. But the rainbow will stay in the horizon. It will down only once a while so you can share your beauty to human again, but more than that, human should start counting on themselves.”

So that is why sometimes we still able to see rainbow. There was a gold in pot under the rainbow but it’s gone now. And human learned their lesson in the hardest way.

Have a nice day, dear human. I shall come back anytime, so prepare. :P My hell waiting for your sweetness to enter. Until that time, enjoy your life! I will give this Hub back to Freya now.


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  • profile image

    ralwus 6 years ago

    Hmmm, Freya, this is very creative awesomeness even if the English is marbled some. thanks for sharing this. Charlie

  • kathy little wolf profile image

    Little Wolf 6 years ago from Dusty Trails, Arkansas

    I enjoyed this very much, a very different kind of ink...

    nice story telling!! muah!!

  • Sa`ge profile image

    Sa`ge 6 years ago from Barefoot Island

    I loved this, it is so creative and marvelous. You go girl this is an awesome story that rings with so much truth! thumbs up! ~aloha~

  • prasetio30 profile image

    prasetio30 6 years ago from malang-indonesia

    nice hub and very well written. Where did you find this marvelous idea? really original. I have to admit to you, that maybe I can't make kind of this hub. I enjoy to read this hub. Vote this Up.


  • Mentalist acer profile image

    Mentalist acer 6 years ago from A Voice in your Mind!

    A tale of reward and misuse,an inventive twist Freya;)

  • kaltopsyd profile image

    kaltopsyd 6 years ago from Trinidad originally, but now in the USA

    This was a clever tale... not to mention a little creepy since Luce had taken over your Hub. haha. Good one!

  • Minnetonka Twin profile image

    Linda Rogers 6 years ago from Minnesota

    Very powerful hub and storytelling freya. I hope I'm talking to you right now, haha. Rated up and awesome as I thought it was very creative and had a good message.

  • pintails7886 profile image

    pintails7886 6 years ago from Memphis TN

    great story, well written. Keep up the good work.

  • Micky Dee profile image

    Micky Dee 6 years ago

    Wow Freya! I'm glad you have the hub back! I didn't like your guest host! God bless you Freya!!!

  • Freya Cesare profile image

    Freya Cesare 6 years ago from Borneo Island, Indonesia

    Micky Dee: Hi, King Micky. Luce is sweet, dear. Maybe she will visit you someday (wink! Wink!). Thank you for reading, Sir.

  • Freya Cesare profile image

    Freya Cesare 6 years ago from Borneo Island, Indonesia

    Rawlus : Hi, Charlie. Yes, I know it marble. I made it in rush and couldn't wait to published it, so yes; I made a mess here and there because lack of patient. I did made some editing though. I hope it fine now. Thank you for reading this, dear.

    Kathy dear, this is my first trial for story telling. I am glad you like it. Thank you for reading this, dear. Emmuah!!!

    Sa'ge: I am glad you like it, Sa'ge. \^o^/ Thank you. I hope your grand daughter get well soon. :)

    Prasetio : Salam, Pras. Well, I can't made the kind of hubs you made so we are even there, right? Hehehe... Thank you for reading, my friend.

    Mentalist Acer: Yes, Sir. I made twist everywhere, did I? Steal some part of the tale and fact here and there and combined it into new story. I am glad it end up good. Thank you for reading, Sir.

    Kaltopsyd : Luce is already existed before this story came up. I made her character first inspired by Mystique's storyteller lair series. I think she will be here often and creep my hubs. :D Thank you for reading this. ^_^

    Minnetonka Twin : Ah, I hope I can talk to you in person too. I am so happy it reviews is good. Thank you, dear. :)

    Pintails : Salam, dear. So it is not need more editing work from you? It is not my area of expertise and it is my first story telling. Made me little nervous about the review. Alhamdullilah it see ok. Sleep well now, Mister. You need that.

  • Wayne Brown profile image

    Wayne Brown 6 years ago from Texas

    I knew there was a reason the gold at the end of the rainbow was not there. All this time, I thought the dwarfs took it...extortion you know! Good story Freya! WB

  • Freya Cesare profile image

    Freya Cesare 6 years ago from Borneo Island, Indonesia

    Hehehe... The dwarfs didn't took it, but all those belong to them now! Thank you, Wayne Brown. :)

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