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The game of love

Updated on September 21, 2015

Finally the day had arrived. Parminder had been waiting for this day for a month and now that it had come, he was not going to leave any stone unturned to make it his biggest. He was so happy that even the harsh summer sunlight felt like the winter morning, and the sounds of the road traffic were like a song playing signifying the end of a long wait to meet someone you truly love. He hurriedly took a bath and wore the new black suit he purchased specially for today. His hairstyle was looking no less than that of a film star and why not should it be. He was going to meet his girlfriend for the first time. Although he had met her once but they were not in a relationship back then

He remembered that day, it was a Monday and he was a bit late for work and had to take the public bus instead of the office cab. What luck it was then that the only seat vacant was next to this lady who was looking nothing less than an angel sent from heaven just for him. There was no chance he was going to miss this opportunity. Parminder seized the first opportunity to talk to her when the bus air conditioner started to leak water droplets onto her from above. After solving the problem, he instantly introduced himself to her as if it was an application to have her heart. But god had another level of surprise and humour in store for them when the girl also introduced herself as Parminder. This was like a blessing of God and a credit to the Punjabi naming system that boys and girls could share names and when things like this happen, they automatically find a friend in the each other. A journey as long as this was enough for a man like him to just get his hands on her mobile number. A couple of days had passed and he had finally mustered the courage to send a message to her and he indeed did it. There was a positive reply from the other side. It was enough initiative to start a healthy talk. After a few days of chatting, he started to realise that maybe she also likes him and perhaps this was the case. Not many days had passed when he sent this message, “HI Parminder! Do you know I have fallen in love with you.....? Will you be my life partner??" There was no reply for one hour and he thought he had lost her but suddenly she replied him back in the affirmative and he could not believe his luck.

This had happened just yesterday when they also made a plan to meet each other at a restaurant that was owned by her father. Parminder applied his recently imported French perfume and had some water to clean up his throat. He left for the destination on his bike and just was about to reach when he stopped and purchased a red rose and some chocolates for her. He then reached there in no time and it was all so good when he opened the door of the private room of the brilliant restaurant. "OH sorry!! It's my fault. I am perhaps mistaken", he said after he entered the wrong room. There was a very handsome Punjabi man in a turban in the room but no sign of her. Parminder then again checked the message about the room number and there was definitely some confusion. He again entered the same room and found the same man in there. He texted her as to know about her whereabouts and she again wrote the same place and room. He then voice called her and it was almost annoying now that a mobile started to ring in the room itself. It was the man's mobile. "OH my god!!” was the utterance of both the men in the room when they realised what had happened with them. They also shared the same name but now it was unlikely that the girl's name was Parminder actually. She had bluffed both of them. She had the number of the turban guy but did not give him hers and when Parminder, asked for her number on the bus journey, she actually passed on his number after realising that he too had the same name. Oh man! What can happen just with a name.

What's there in a name?

— William Shakespeare


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