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Updated on January 18, 2010




“The Barn Gang Detective Agency Series”


“B&G Book #1”


“The Ghost of Fad Mountain Mystery”




Lisa Luv


Lisa J. Warner














Chapter #10





          Matured a bit the three Feezie brothers have really turned into “good eggs”.  With each brother having unique talents being very bright and attributing to the detective agency pricelessly.


          All the boys are great in mechanics.  The detective agency has been enriched by the Feezie brother’s knowledge and differing abilities to a great extent.


          The oldest Blenn Edward Feezie is called Blenner for a nick name.

          Blenner is an easy going guy.  He is great at carpentry, and is always willing to build various items for the agency, even when there are high priority objects to build in very little time.  To help a case Blenner will construct anything at a drop of a hat.


          Blenner like all the Feezie children has a large white toothed smile.  His hair is always kept short and neat, the color varies by the seasons depending on the sun exposure from a dusty brown to a perky blonde.


          Blenner has a large muscular build that some people might refer to as buffed.  His strength often comes in handy when the detectives need to get out of a sticky and dangerous situation that calls for brute force.


          When the power of physical persuasiveness is not needed, Blenner is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.  Taking practically the shirt off his back for a person rather than see anyone go away unhappy.   However at the same time criminals should beware they don’t test his warrior side.


          Next in line of the Feezie brothers is Goose.  Goose is an easy going guy, with white blonde hair.

          He is very tall and thin, you might go as far as to call him skinny.  Goose is the agency’s main mechanic and much, much more!


          Goose is gifted in a multitude of technologies.  His sciencetiffic and electrical fortes are invaluable to the detective agency.


          Often times there seems not enough Goose to go around, because of the multitude of jobs he is counted on for the detective agency.  Goose’s favorite part of being a detective is using technology to create gadgets that help solve the cases that come in, some of which have impossible clues to crack if it weren’t for the creative devices he has designed.


          You probably already have guessed that “GOOSE” is not his real name.  His parents truly named him “Bruce Thaatear Feezie”.  However through the years out of love and affection everyone started calling him “Bruce Thaa Goose” which as time passed was shortened to his nickname just “Goose”.  Goose rather likes his nickname and thinks of himself as a “Cool Goose”.


The last Feezie brother is Sayno.  Surprise! Surprise! Reader Peeps!  Sayno really is his first name!   His true full name is Sayno Todruglad Feezie.  Personally I think his parents were using a play on words. Can you figure out why reader peeps I say that? In any case he ended up with a fabulous name!


          Sayno is a wee bit like his sister Maara in the temperament department.  As a matter of fact that is why Maara and Sayno bicker and come to blows often with each other.


          Sayno is very handsome with a medium build.  He has reddish blonde hair always kept short and spiked, except when it is cut so short like a butch cut.  Sayno also is impeccably neat.


          Sayno easily excels in mathematics as well as formulas, coding, and deciphering ancient numerical mixtures of languages.


          Because Sayno is very organized and is so accurately swift working with numbers, he is in charge of the B&G Detective Agencies financial plans and all accounting.


          Something you would never know about Sayno unless you were swimming in a pool with him is that Sayno was born missing a leg.  Sayno wears a prosthetic leg so well that he lives a more active athletic life than most people.

          Some of Sayno’s favorite activities are jogging, skiing, biking, and hiking.


Now the two last detectives are just as interesting and play just as an important role as Lee Wake and the Feezie children, even though there is one of them that only works part time.


The last full time detective is Jake Cone.  Jake Cone is the Feezie family’s next door neighbor. 

Jake has black hair with red highlights medium in length and sometimes even sporting dreads.  Jake goes through phases of wearing different styles of earrings and other matching decorative jewelry.

Jake is tall, dark brown skin and very handsome.  Often Jake boasts of his good looks coming from a combination of Jamaican and American Indian heritage.  Jake knowing he is good looking often has to be brought down a notch to deflate his head.

Jake can be quite flirty which can get old at times, especially when it pertains to the agency’s business.


Jake is the oldest of the detectives which open avenues that might not be possible to be traveled on, being Jake can drive and owns his own car.  He is also very quick witted which also can come in very handy on investigations especially in discerning if someone is telling the truth. While Jakes quick wit comes in handy on cases his wise cracks are not as appreciated when being used to drive the other detectives crazy.


Between Jake being an expert cabinet maker and Blenner’s carpentry skills the detective agency is outfitted with the beautiful desk, tables, and shelves, storage closets, meeting rooms and much, much more.


Last but not least is the part time worker Cindy Lou Donavan.

Cindy Lou might only work part time but when she works it is like she works double time.

When Cindy Lou is not there to work she is greatly missed at the agency leaving a big gap to be filled, because Cindy Lou’s duties are very important and invaluable.


Cindy Lou lives in Cheery Stove Ct. which is a long drive from Hankfield Ct. however Cindy Lou visits her grandmother in Hankfield most weekends and on summer vacations.  Luckily where Cindy Lou’s Grandmother lives is just a couple of houses down from the Feezie’s.  Cindy Lou’s grandmothers name is Mrs. Homer.


Cindy Lou is like a breath of fresh air when she is working at the B&G Detective Agency.  She appears to bring peace and calm to the agencies operations.  It is evident there is less bickering between Maara and Sayno when Cindy Lou is there.


Cindy Lou is very tall and pretty.  She has very dark brown skin with jet black hair.  Cindy Lou keeps her hair very neat usually short and her hair styles are always changing.


Cindy Lou often is dressed a little bit too fancy to do dirty field investigating work, as she’s more of a girly girl!  Being a girly girl is ok too while working for the B&G Detective Agency because there is an important vital need for a home base detective.


Cindy Lou has excellent computer skills and knows her way around the internet so well, that there is no research she can’t do.  ‘’If it can be found she’ll find it!”  She is personable, reliable, and precise with notes concerning phone calls.


Most of all Cindy Lou is reliable home base comrade and can be counted on to be there keeping track of detectives out in the field she relays messages and determines when to call for help if detectives lives are at stake.


Well now my wonderful reading detectives you have a over view of your fellow detectives that will be helping you solve this case of “THE GHOST OF FAD MOUTAIN MYSTERY” and before you take off on this adventure let me send you off with a few last warnings and best wishes.

































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    • Lisa Luv profile imageAUTHOR

      Lisa J Warner AKA Lisa Luv 

      9 years ago from Conneticut, USA

      Micky Dee thank you---you are so kind---this is the first time I have ventured down this road

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 

      9 years ago

      Your descriptions of the characters is great. I can't wait!


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