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Updated on February 16, 2012



Robert Hewett Sr. (Innocent bystander)

Authors Note: Weather reporting is a part-time job, so weather reporters

are often assigned Pet of the Day showings, hopefully,

without the results of this one.

NEWSROOM: Good Morning Mr. Cloud, you look really nice today. Is that bright red tie new?

Mr Cloud: Yes, just got it this weekend, a gift from the Sports Director for bringing good weather for his golf game.


News Anchor - Well, Robin, it’s about time for Mr. Cloud to bring us our Pet of the Day. I understand today’s pet is a little unusual.

Robin– Quite different, Harmone. Our sports director rescued a worn out Bull from the Houston Rodeo. He asked Mr. Cloud to find a home for him in Florida.

Harmone – Sounds dangerous to me. Isn’t this bull one that cowboys tried to ride? I hope he is gentle. Okay, let’s go to Mr. Cloud for the Pet of the Day. Wait a minute; Do you have something else Robin?

Robin - Yes, I have Tex Twostep, a bull rider from the Houston Rodeo, on the phone. “Hello, Mr. Twostep, what can you tell us about this bull we are showing On Pet of the Day”

Bull Rider: “Just call me Tex Ma’am”. I think you have El Toro the Terrible there. He was one of our best bulls ever. I won the bull riding championship on him a few years back. He was the meanest critter I have evah encountered. Funny thing, he was gentle as a lamb in the pens, but anything red sets him off. The gatekeepers would wave a red flag at him and then open the gate, and all hell would break loose. Don’t show him anything red and he will be easy to handle.”

Harmone – Uh Oh, somebody get Mr. Cloud and take his tie off him. Oh S_____, here comes Mr. Cloud now, running full speed, with the Pet of Day on his heels. “Get rid of your tie Mr. Cloud”. There goes the water cooler and the copy machine? People are on top of file cabinets. Mr. Cloud is still leading, but not by much. Oh no, here they come straight into the Studio. Run Robin.”

THE SCENE: Harmone is hanging by one arm from an overhead microphone cable. Robin is upside down with her feet up in the air. The cameraman is mumbling something about “no underwear”, and has a silly grin on his face. He seems fixed on Robin for some reason. There is a new doorway in the wall of the Studio. Mr. Cloud and the Pet of the Day were seen running down Main Street toward City Square. There is a report from airborne traffic that the bull is in the fountain at City Square and Mr. Cloud is setting on the wall without his red tie.

Two security guards are restraining the Boss. He found a shotgun somewhere and he is looking for somebody to shoot, preferably the Sports Director.

The Sports Director was seen dumping his laptop in the back of his Ferrari and looking at a map of Canada.

Postscript: Harmone had to be pried off the cable he was holding. Robin was last seen in hot pursuit of the cameraman with a high heel shoe held over her head ready to strike if she catches him. Mr. Cloud, minus his tie, is making his way back to the studio with the Pet of the Day walking meekly behind him. Mr. Cloud is trying to borrow a cell phone to call someone to come and get this bull. Mr. Cloud need not worry, here comes the boss; red faced and waving his arms, shouting unprintable things, and wearing a bright red jacket. It is unclear when this station will present the next Pet of the Day.



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