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THOMAS SLAYS A MONSTER. A tale of discovering Jurassic Park right at his own back door

Updated on May 1, 2014

Puushing Back the Boundaries.


"Spring is here Thomas ", said Mummy. "Would you like to play outside ?"

"A bit cold" said Thomas for that was what Mummy had said for a long time when he had asked to go out.

"Put your hoody on Thomas then" said Mummy swoopling over him and putting it on him before he could blink an eye.

In a trice they were outside but Mummy shivered "Bit cold Thomas", she said and retreated back inside.

Thomas shrugged his 2 year old shoulders, snug and warm in his hoody and wellingtons. He took in the whole garden with an enquiring gaze searching for something to explore but sadly it seemed all was quiet and still.

Then his eyes focussed on a sort of seat at the end of the garden. That looks inviting thought Thomas as he strode with determination down towards the seat deciding to mount it and use it as a look out spot.

The seat was higher than he thought and it topk quite a bit of huffing and puffing before he managed to haul his bottom on to the top. That achieved it was only the work of a second to gain a proper seated position and begin to gaze over his Kingdom The "LAND OF KING THOMAS" stretched out before him and it was fully 30 seconds before he had it all surveyed.

Rested and pleased with himself Thomas really felt like a King but then, out of the corner of his eye he saw something moving over the soil of the garden edge next to the patio.

Thomas gasped! He was sure it was one of those snake things in his book indoors. A moment of indecision gripped him. The snake in his book was green and yellow but here in the garden this one was browny red. Maybe like dogs they came in different colours and sized he reckoned.

Anyway these snakey things were bad, did bad things and good people, like Kings had to fight them He, Thomas, WAS a good boy. Mummy had told him so when he shared a sweet with his little brother Oliver after breakfast.

He was also KING THOMAS ! He had no choice, he had to take action.

Dealing With the Monster.

Thomas crept forward leaving the safety of the seat behind him. It was vital he took the snake by surprise. Stealthily he advanced until he was close to the slithering form on the soil.

Thomas was a boy of action and silently and swiftly he shot out his arm and quickly grasped the snail by the tail. It hung down still wriggling in the air as Thomas tried to think of what to do next. He looked up for Mummy to help but she was inside with Oliver and Thomas realised he alone could save the day. He had to move quickly or the snake would escape and would be angry, maybe causing lots of harm to others. He, Thomas , had to be the boy to save everyone.

In a flash, an idea came to him and he acted without delay. Up came the hand holding the snake by the tail until it was above his face. Then, just as quickly he opened his mouth gazing upwards into the hidden eyes of the reptile.

It seemed a long time but really it was over in a split second as he released his grip on the snake and let it fall right into his mouth. A swift gulp and his work was done. Thomas smiled, he had vanquished the snake completely for Mummy, Daddy and Oliver.

He thought of another story Daddy had read to him about a dreadful Giant and a liitle boy. " Fee , Fi, Fo, Fum" he sang to himself, " That wriggly monster"s in my tum " Now it would harm no one.

"Mummy called from the kitchen, "Thomas, do you want a snack" she asked. At that very moment Thomas thought he felt something moving about in his stomach. "No thank you Mummy", he shouted back.

"Blimey", thought Mummy, "That has to be a first maybe he is sickening for something.."

"Come in now Thomas and you can play cars", she offered but Thomas did not hear a single word. He was busy seeking out more monsters so he, "GOOD KING THOMAS" could catch them and get rid of them just as he had done with the one he had found earlier. It was going to be an exciting Springtime for sure !


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