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Updated on June 3, 2011
Pennsylvania Monument at Gettysburg
Pennsylvania Monument at Gettysburg | Source

Of all the moral commandments that humans are suggested to live by, this is one of, if not the most important. Four words that are meant to change the race of beings that live on planet Earth. The commandment is simple… don’t kill. There’s no other explanation needed. Don’t kill for profit; don’t kill for revenge; don’t kill for self-gain; don’t kill to protect yourself or your family; don’t kill for faith; don’t kill for country; don’t kill even if injured… don’t kill for ANY reason, period.

I grew up in the sixties. I wasn’t a protester of the Viet Nam War. However, now that I’m much older and wiser I believe that I should have been. Not because I am against my country or the brave solders who had to fight in that war, but because that war was so morally wrong… any war is morally wrong, no matter what the reason. Taking the life of another is morally wrong. It doesn’t matter if the other person is not the same nationality as you are, or if they believe in the same God as you do, or if they are a different color than you. There is no justifiable reason for anyone to take the life of another person.

Every religious leader who has come to Earth to assist our race has preached basically the same philosophy… love thy neighbor, love thy enemy, return hatred with love, turn the other cheek when wronged and do not kill. Jesus walked the talk when he was crucified on the cross. Christ could have mowed down the men who came to take him away, but instead when one of his disciples cut the ear off a guard, Jesus put it back and healed it. He walked away with the shoulders and allowed them to do what they felt they had to do. His ordeal was an example that we all to this day choose to ignore. We go to church every week and sing praises to his name, and then when we leave the parking lot we cuss at another church member for cutting us off. And Jesus thinks sadly, “You still don’t get it.”

There are only a few modern cultures that are presently living on this planet who seem to get it. The Amish and Mennonite communities get it, to name two. They do live by the commandments and live the way God has asked us all to live for our own betterment. But when most of us see an Amish family riding in a buggy drawn by a horse we think, “Look at those crazy people.” And they look at us and pray, “God, please allow them to see your light.”

When someone in the Amish community needs help because their house and/or barn burns down or is damaged by a tornado, the others in the community come to their aid without question. They work together to build the family a new home or barn and don’t ask for anything in return, even if they build a larger house or barn then they have themselves. When our government decides we need more oil so we need to go to war to get it, and tells the men from the Amish community that they must fight in that war they stand up and say, “No we won’t!” No, we will not kill another human being for any reason. These people are not cowards, they are heroes. They are the ones who stand on their principles—the principles that God taught us all to have.

If every man and woman stood up and said, “No, we won’t—we will not kill another human being for any reason,” there could be no wars. The government leaders would then have to work things out between themselves because that would be their only option. Work things out without killing anyone… what a wonderful concept. Jesus, thought so.

I’m not implying that we should disconnect our electricity, sell our cars and get rid of our computers and cell phones. What I am purposing, however is that we think more about how we treat each other and live our lives, and care less about how we can have more than our neighbor. Get rid of the violent video games that our children play with on a daily basis and hand them a book! Or send them outside to run around, or to ride a bike, or teach them to love others even when they are being bullied. Don’t teach them that killing is a way to get what you want by buying them those games in the first place.

When someone cuts us off while driving, do we shout obscenities at them, or do we think, “Maybe he/she didn’t see me, or thought I was driving slower than I was—or maybe a loved one just passed away and they aren’t paying attention”? Also, keep in mind that when your children are in the car with you, they learn from your example. Don’t perpetuate hatred—perpetuate love.

What most people refuse to understand is that this life on Earth is merely a schoolyard and a constant test. Our real life is Home in Heaven. Everything we do relates directly to what we have learned here and take back with us when we return there. So, it doesn’t matter if we have a new car, or a computer, or how much money we have in the bank… none of that matters. The only thing that matters to us really is how we live our lives. Were we kind and generous to others, or were we jealous and full of hate for what they had and we didn’t? Did we show love to everyone—even those who injured us in some way? Did we learn the lessons we came here to learn?

When someone affronts you, think karma instead of revenge. No one ever gets away with anything. Everyone will eventually have to atone for the things that they have done. So, there is no reason for a person who has been wronged to retaliate for the injuries done to them. We all will have to make amends personally at some point for the wrongs we have done to others. But, if you do take out your own revenge, than you will have to atone for that. Return love in every instance, because that is the best road for you to take for your own advancement.

I have a dear friend who is a medium. She has spoken to many souls who have passed back home to Heaven. Every one of the deceased she communicates with tells her the same thing… Heaven is a wonderful place full of love, peace and enlightenment and that they are extremely happy there. Not one of them has said to her, “It could be better if I had a newer car or a larger TV.” That’s where we want to be—that’s where we all are the most happy. So then why would we worry about what happens to us while we are here on Earth? There should be nothing here that would be so important that we would have to kill to obtain it. Not for ANY reason. One cannot buy a key to Heaven…. Love is the one key there is.

Every commandment is a guideline for life. If we strive to follow them all, we will find that happiness is not a bigger house, but a state of being. The only way for the human race to survive is to end all wars, stop killing, and to live in love for everyone. The road we have taken thus far will lead eventually to the extinction of human life on this planet.


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    • Christine B. profile image

      Christine B. 6 years ago from Medina, Ohio

      Well, I don't believe that God would command anyone to go into battle, not from what his son told us while he was on Earth. Remember that no one knows who really wrote the Old Testament... and the Bible has been translated many times by many different people. People tend to write their own feelings about things, even when they translate another's work.

      Thanks for dropping by, Nellie. I'm glad you enjoyed this hub and hope you enjoy some of the others I have written.


    • nelliej2012 profile image

      nelliej2012 6 years ago from Texas

      This is so very true. I think out life would be so much more peaceful, were we all like the Amish. Of course then we wouldnt be able to read wonderful hubs like this. ;) but as a 17 year old American, I do see how war and mindless killing really is wrong. Even in the Bible God told His people to go into battle, but it was HIS command andthe end goal was for HIS glory. Not the people's. That is the difference I think.