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THOUGHT PROCESS: thought creates and thought destroys

Updated on August 23, 2016

“Ved” explains human body comprising of physical, mental or psychic and energic or spiritual apparatus. The physical apparatus known as “Annamaya Kosh” i.e. body of ingrainment or "Bahya Karan" i.e. external instrument for action, mainly comprises of five senses and five motor organs. Physical apparatus is constituted of the five basic elements of the nature, called “Panch Tattva”-“Kshiti” or the earth, “Jal” or the water, “Pavak” or the heat, “Gagan” or the energy space and “Sammer” or the air.

Psychic Apparatus known as “Manomay Kosh” is also addressed as “Antahkaran” is primarily comprised of “Manah”, “Budhi”, “Citta” and “Ahankar”. Energic Apparatus known as “Atmnmay Kosh” is a microcosm of the macrocosm. This subtle matter body or “Soocham Sharira” incorporates functions related to “Prana”-the spirit of the self. The energic body is considered to be a metaphysical construct of energy network or “Tantra” comprising of energy channels or “Nadis” and solar plexus or “Chakras” which facilitates energy flow. It also has knots or “Granthi”, focus point or “Bindu” and residual cosmic energy or “Kundalini”.

While an unbalanced staple diet creats a diseased body, an unbalanced thinking creates unbalanced flow of energy or “Pran”, affecting both physical and psychic body. This creates a negative charged energy grid leading to self centered and thus erratic and wild thought process. A balanced breathing creates a healthy body and a healthy mind centerd in the self, which is intellectually and emotionally stable and is a conduit for effective living to cosmic purpose.

“Antahkaran” is the floodgate of thoughts. Hundreds of thousands of random and unending thoughts enter and leave this energy space continuously. Thoughts flow through the mind at an unimaginable high speed because of which it remains in a state of flux, inconstant and unpredictable. Thoughts are organized in a hierarchical order. The primary layer represents inheritance of thoughts established pre-birth. Secondary layer is formed out of experience and exposure to the external world. These are recorded and stored in latent state of mind or “Citta” and get reflexed lifelong. With time growing dominance of “Citta” suppresses the analytical ability, discriminatory powers and objective evaluations by “Budhi”. The bonded wisdom of stored memories and experiences, leads to “Ahankar” or ego which begins to block the flow of thoughts within restrictive filed of “I, me and mine”

There is a definite link between the thought process and physical and spiritual health. Thoughts control and govern speech and all action in our life. Every action produces a reaction. One has to therefore decide to approach life through action (positive) or reactions (negative) processes. Thoughts create the environment around you.

Positive thoughts and action encourages flow of positive energy through us and the environment around. Positive thoughts prevail and inspire minds of the people to create a foundation for good actions and enhanced self-image.

Negative thoughts and actions encourage flow of negative energy which decreases our strength to face the events taking place around us and thus makes us reactive and poor self image which creates jealousy and vindictiveness and begins to resents even success.

“Karm” or activities which encourage the growth and evolution process of the “Prakritih” consume less energy. All actions which are performed in accordance with the principles of the “Prakritih” accelerate energy flow and boost energy additions to life form and are therefore termed as positive energy actions.

Contrary to this, actions which contradict the principles of the “Prakritih” result into blockage of energy flow. Thus the processes and practices against the principles of the “Prakritih” create blocked potential of spontaneous expressions of one's capacities of sensory, emotional, physical, intellectual or reproductive energies.

Every action creates a ripple across the cosmos or “Brahmnand” like a stone thrown in the pond. To be an effective “Karm Yogi” one doesn’t have to work with an intense desire to compete and excel. The only requisite is one must enjoy the work in all earnestness and do so without attachment to it or its result. It requires mind to be free from bondage of self gratifying desires of results. It supports the courage of conviction and raises the level of consciousness for performance of actions for all living being with total effectiveness. This is the most important factor to attain excellence, often forgotten or ignored.

The power of mind over matter is the creative power of thought. We are the architects of our destiny. Perceived reality of thoughts eventually becomes the manifested reality. “So you become as you think” is an ancient saying. Thoughts make our mind, our action and consequently the state of our body. Shallow and mundane thoughts for self have low energy levels and therefore dissipate rapidly to create ripples of disturbance within the mind leading to stress and disease. Thoughts of universal order are associated with emotions of love, joy and happiness and generate a feel good factor. These tend to enhance the positive energy level of the body. First impact of thoughts is reflected on breathing. “Pranayam” is therefore an essential process to understand this new dimension “”Ayam” of “Pran”. Breath control is considered the best option to control the flow of thoughts. “Vedas” have therefore focused to achiev it concentration and focus on thought process through “Pranayam” and explains “Thought reduction is freedom; Thought assertion is bondage”.


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