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Time Shall Not Interrupt Eternity Any More (Poem)

Updated on September 18, 2013

On the outskirts of time lies eternity,

The immeasurable and limitless

Span of forevermore,

A source to be reckoned with, that

Provides life unending,

When time is brought

To an absolute close,

It will not interrupt eternity, any more

Our existence will never cease,

As we dwell with the Ever Existent One,

The Creator of all things that consist,

The One who holds all things together

By the Word of His Power,

He who sustains us by His Spirit,

He who holds us, and keeps us safe,

Time is drawing closer to its final episode,

It shall not hold us captive forever!

Eternity shall liberate us from its grip, and

We shall inhabit eternal life,

With the Great I AM,

Where even never has to cease to exist.


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