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Updated on September 6, 2009

vendudal vendamai ilanadi cerndarkku

yandum idumbai ila

who’ve joined the feet of who’s sans like, dislike;

them will distress at no time strike

Core Idea:  Here the divine principle is referred to as that which has neither wish no hate.  The dualities of live and hatred, up and down, good andbad, and the like are relevant only in the context of the finite.  Since the Cosmic Principle is infinite, it is described as having transcended these.  Again, joining the feet of God is a poetic way of saying: merging with the divine in all humility.  Spiritual enlightement involves transcending desires and aversions by severing all attachment.

 Literal Meanings:

 vendudal           – to desire

vendamai          – not desiring

ilan                   – one without

adi                    – the feet

cerndarkku       – to those who have been united (to)

yandum            – for ages

idumbai            – suffering

ila                     - no


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