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Updated on September 6, 2009

irulcer iruvinaiyum cera – iraivan

porulcer pugalpurindar mattu.

 The darkness that dual actions raise

Won’t approach who God’s glories praise


Core idea: All dualities arise from ignorance. At the highest level of spiritual evolution these dualities disappear. Those who sing God’s praises could be taken to mean those who are cognizant of the grandeur of the infinite state. Such people (while they are in that God’s – glory – singing – mode) are beyond the petty contradictions of everyday life. Indeed, it is common experience that when one is in the prayer mode (during which one utters the many attributes of the Divine) one is protected from committing mean and sinful acts.

Literal Meanings:

Irul – darkness

Cer – associated with

Iru – dual

Vinai - moral acts, their effects

Cera – will not reach

Iraivan – god

Porul – reality, essence

Cer – associated with

Pugal – praise, glory

Purindar – who cherish, desire

Mattu - near



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