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Updated on August 17, 2016


Do you not have common-sense or you lag behind in making decisions? Why? Are you not knowledgeable about what is going on around you or you think of yourself as a child that does not think before doing things or to express his/her emotions and views without observing behaviors that encircle him/her…….

It is to be said as immaturity, if it is, so who is mature?...

This is the question mark which is raising in teens of this smart age..

Where is it enhancing?

The sentence is oftenly delivered by the parents or uncles or anyone else in the family to the younger that elder brother or sister is responsible after parents in family or he/she are mature than you, while you are not able to understand circumstances. It has become a general approach in most of the families (in which class does not matter) in Pakistan. It is a universal truth that no one is born with a bunch of skills..

“Parents” the whole world for the newly born infant, sketch his/her character since the very first single moment till their entrance in teens, then they gradually teach him/her, cognize him/her about his /her responsibilities as an elder one in their own family and with the passage of time, his/her personilty comes with a bold and mature person. A bulb glows in the little mind of younger that their elder one is responsible and trustworthy than them, every one has a satisfaction and confidence over them that they can do, while we do not hold that trust…….

This spark lights their minds and their personality and complexity and jealousy begin to grow as their gatherings or companies change, when they are not confident to talk among people of different natures, when they are careless to say or express their thoughts, when many insult them, then they observe themselves unprotected and hear the word “MATURE come from their heart…

Word “Mature” does not bear the meaning “knowledge; knowledge about society or social life”. Maturity is a natural phenomenon that comes up by a collection of experiences and experiences build upon mistakes and their outcomes.

A match –stick want a drift to light. Everyone wants a chance to prove himself/herself, so all the elders; specially parents should give a chance to the younger to prove themselves. Because home is the first institution and platform of all the activities and learning for a person. His respect, his personality and his character first rise from his home.

If we want to take our children away from this wild-fire of complexity and jealousy, we may follow these three ways:

  1. Inform them about what’s going in surrounding.
  2. Allow them to go-out in the world and to get experience.
  3. Let them involve in all the circumstances that are happening in a personal matters of their family.

But remember it that these ways will bring you to the right destination, if you follow these ways with respect to the ages of your children. It is true that there is a right-time for everything, but you may or you should make your child aware about all things according to their ages…..


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