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TOP Facts about J. R. R. Tolkien

Updated on July 30, 2016

Tolkien in Real Life

1. Double Named

His parents didn't know how to call him so they gave him 2 names - John and Ronald, so he is John Ronald Ruen Reuel Tolkien.

2. Never again

Great author prefers never read even good book twice.

3. Great linguist

Since he was a child he was fond of creating new languages which he used to communicate with friends and later with his spouse.

4. Second chance

Because of being No.1 at school Tolkien didn't even try to prepare for entering exams to Oxford. So he rather spent that time, walking with Edith Mary Bratt **SPOILER** - his spouse in future**SPOILER**, playing rugby, and hanging out with friends. And he failed.
But second attempt was much more successful and he entered university of Oxford.

5. The Soldier

Tolkien took part in WW I and even was asked to work as cryptographer but in a few months the ministry withdrew their proposition, and that were end of all hopes for military service.

Tolkien of the Middle-Earth

6. Lingua-creator

Tolkien created 14 languages which are spoken in the Middle-Earth by different races. Moreover, in some British university even appeared course of elfin, which is very difficult but students found it very interesting.

7. Catholic in the Middle-Earth

Tolkien always was Catholic and some people even bound Aragorn with Jesus. Both are sacrificed themselves and their return were described in legends and ancient predictions.

8. Fatal Luck

The Hobbit was just a fairy tale for his 4 children, and even not all of them were in paper. But somehow these copies got to one of his students, who brought them to the publishing office, which director gave it to his son for review, and only after all they were published. And even they demand continuing of Hobbit.

9. Infiltration

Lord of the Rings/Hobbit are tightly bounded with their creator and we will never separate these beautiful books from their author.
Tolkien told that these stories infiltrated in his life and sometimes it's difficult to say in which world he is now.
Sometimes he may come to the lecture in armor of meddle-age and it's not the only example.

10. Real hero (not safe for your psychic)

For all people who were outraged to Frodo.

Tolkien also thinks that Sam is a real hero of Lord of the Rings, and all we know why.


We can talk for a long time about this author, as long as Hobbits go to Mordor

as long as dwarfs hate elves

as long as Legolas can shot (while he is not in the 3rd Hobbit)

but just better go watch Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit or read a book.

May the force be wit.. Oh, wrong story.

The Master as he is

Pictures that symbolize Tolkien the best


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