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True Grit...The Wicked Flee When None Pursueth.

Updated on December 16, 2013
Rooster Cogburn
Rooster Cogburn

When you think of John Wayne, you think of Rooster Cogburn. You think of a cowboy. John Wayne is an icon that is known across the span of the world, not just the United States.

When it was said that the movie True Grit was going to be re-made. It seemed like it was one of the dumbest moves anyone could ever think to make. And it took a few weeks before I was able to convince myself to give it a chance.

The Remake

The surprise of a life time. The movie was so good because it followed the book really well and the dialect was of the period which made it more realistic. Mattie Ross, the second time around comes of smart, head strong, but still naive and embraceable. And seeing Barry Pepper (We Were Soldiers) playing Ned Pepper was an added bonus. He is an amazing actor that you just don't see enough of.

While there were a couple of B-rated cinematography moments, on the whole, they were overlooked due to the acting of the cast.

A must see.
A must see.


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