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TV dream disaster

Updated on June 25, 2014

TV dream disaster

Me and my niece are watching TV, her favorite show ‘The Berestain Bears’ is on and she’s jumping up and down in excitement. All of a sudden, one of the rods on the TV stand broke, making the television fall. Luckily it didn’t break so I called my brother to help me lift the TV on another stand but he refused and fell asleep.

I try to do it myself but I’m not strong enough to lift it, it’s a 70 inch flat screen for crying out loud! I try to wake up my brother to help me but he keeps saying no and that he’s tired. I smack him across the face and tell him that our niece might mess up the TV if he doesn’t help.

He slowly gets up and when we turn around, we see the TV on another stand already, with my niece adjusting in place. She’s only two years old and can’t lift anything that heavy. My brother and me look at each other in disbelief as my niece just sits on the bed to watch her program like nothing happened.


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