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Take Five From Nature: Inspirational Picture-Poems.

Updated on November 3, 2011
anglnwu profile image

When words and dreams collide, poetry results. These poetry hubs reflect my life, my interests and all the things that move me.

Nature speaks, if we will only listen. In the stillness of the night, in the quietness of the heart, a moment here or there, nature brings life's lessons to us in unexpected places--a little fern thriving on the roof top, a lone seagull soaring above the sea of oil spill, the caress of the raindrops on the cheek, the magical cayola of pink and orange at sunset--nature transcends words to speak to the heart. What you ask? It speaks of beauty, of tenacity, of love, of perserverance, of tenderness or of pain. It brings hope, healing and inspiration that only nature can. In its own terms, in its own way--it speaks and it only takes five.

This group of "Take Five from Nature" poems seeks to capture emotions that a single picture brings. And hopefully in doing so, someone, somewhere, somehow will find beauty in these picture-poems, if not in the words, then at least in the stunning pictures provided by another hubber, Jill of all trades (she has killer photography skills).

Bad Boy


See me,

See me not.

Arms collapsed

Neatly folded on the twig

One bad boy

Just hanging low

Sitting smug, all eyes

Two dots in the world of dots

The world passes…

No time for dots

Or joining them.

Small picture,

Big picture

They escape,

Carried on the strides of

The harried, hurried crowd,.

While I gawk, amongst dewdrops

A world in inversion

A wonder in motion.


Beads of gold and crimson

Pearls on extension

Seemingly random

Yet purposeful

Mottled colors

Rise to embrace

Wonder and grace

Juxtaposition of

Exquisite proportion.

Like a necklace around the neck

Magnifying beauty

The wearer transforms

So is beauty worn on the inside.


Deceit has a name

Beauty in disguise

All decked out like a silky hammock

String across like

laces of comfort, woven

into the silvery dawn of light.

The translucent wings

wedged in the delicate strands

forward, backward, stuck

stark against the tragic blue,

legs grasp in hopeful prayer.

An unsuspecting moment is al it takes

to be



Amidst the veil of darkness

Sparkles glow from a dewdrop

The brightest, the boldest.

Not the snow globe sitting by your bedside

Forever bliss trapped in glittery snow.

This is nature's globe reflecting

Life as it happens,

Happy, sad, angry, bitter, glad

It doesn't lie, it doesn't fabricate

Naked honesty, just the bare facts.

Copyright 2011. All Rights reserved.


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