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Stand Tall, Walk Alone; remember her.

Updated on February 5, 2017


I am the type of guy who didn't care about girls nor had any intention to interact with them but, that changed after I had my first girlfriend; a beautiful Pakistani girl. It didn't work out but I had many crushes on other girls of Pakistan; I developed a strong attraction to them and only them. They were all beautiful, sweet and very caring but didn't know about my feelings towards them.

So I decided to write this poem on that; inspired by 1980s' heavy metal ballads as well as action films of the same decade where the hero always steps in and protects the innocent; disregarding his own safety and standing tall with no regard to the danger.

Many many years ago, in a time when we just met; talking trash and laughing all the way.

If only you knew what I wanted to do for you ever since that day.

Friends we became and a couple later on; the best I could ever wish for, I want only you and nothing more.

But where did it all go?!
Why did you throw my love away?!
10 years later, I think about you night and day.


So long, thank you; for showing me a true way.

That Pakistani girls are my destiny, I'll try again some other day.

Farewell, have fun, for its time for me to walk away from your sun.

-End Chorus-

Now I walk alone, fists high into the unknown.

I keep fighting all the way, not even a steel rebar would make me sway.

For the magic in a Pakistani lady's heart never leads me astray.

As she walks on, her smile warms my heart.

Stars in her eyes and jet-black hair carrying the sky

Something dark yet with a sun in her soul; inspiring me to accept my role.

I contort my muscles, gather all I learned and ride into the night.

You dear girl won't know this, but it's for you I want to fight.

Evil world, vices galore.

No fear in me, I think of you more.

Bones broken, body bent, many bullets my enemies spent

I pull them out and leap forth again, for with you in my heart I feel no pain.

Years later, when everything fell

I still think of you as I try to build a church in hell.

For there is magic in a Pakistani lady's heart.

© 2017 Jake Clawson


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