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Poems: Take a different road

Updated on August 19, 2011

A new year

  • Waking up this morning 
  • with a smile 
  • with a happy feeling 
  • a new road is visible 
  • a new road ready to be walked

  • I take my chance 
  • my family in my hands
  • together forward
  • towards a new life
  • a new direction

  • this year is about moving
  • about meeting new people
  • changing life as it was
  • taking opportunities
  • giving, love and joy.

Live your life as you wish it to be, make the best of it and share it with your loved ones. Happy 2011 to all.





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    • ahorseback profile image

      ahorseback 6 years ago

      Sounds like major changes , good for you!

    • pennyofheaven profile image

      pennyofheaven 6 years ago from New Zealand

      Giving love and joy is so rewarding. You have a loving heart! Thanks for an excellent hub.